What are the most common cause of problems with the toenails?

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    June 10, 2024
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The toenails in the feet can have a lot of various problems which could affect them and be very painful. The toenails get subjected to a great deal of pressure and load from the footwear used and everyday living. All of them get knocked around lots along with get things dropped on them a lot and kicking things with them. It’s no surprise there are a great number of conditions that podiatrists see in their clients with difficulties of the nails.

An ingrown nail is among the most recognized painful condition of the toe nails. An ingrown toe nails occurs when the corner of the nail permeates the skin and creates an inflammatory reaction. This is in most cases as a result of bent shape to the nail as well as a bad toenail clipping method that leaves a sharp edge. An expert podiatric physician can certainly get rid off that harmful piece of toenail and provide virtually immediate pain relief for this. However, the issue can tend to reoccur, therefore a minor operation to eliminate the edge of the nail should be thought about.

Almost certainly among the most common causes of pain about the toe nails can be a condition that is technically referred to as onychophosis. This is when there is lots of force down the edges of the toe nail which causes a callus to develop in the toenail sulcus. This callus or onychophosis becomes so built up that it will become very painful. This is very often mistaken for an ingrown toenail. This particular condition needs the experienced competencies of a podiatric doctor to diligently remove the callus from the nail plate sulcus and also file the toenail from the painful area. Long term if the onychophosis happens to be an continuing issue a minor surgical procedure to get rid of the border of the toenail can be carried out.

Trauma to a nail plate such a repeated banging of the toe against the end of the footwear or the one-time trauma of, such as, dropping a heavy item on the foot may result in a misshaped toe nail plate that grows in a distorted shape. The scientific term with this is onychogryphosis. When the toenails begins to develop like this, it can not be restored. The only way to handle this is often to on a regular basis reduce the nail plate, possibly by a foot doctor or to have the nail permanently taken off by minimal surgical treatment.

An additional very frequent problem affecting the nails is a tinea or onychomycosis that causes the toe nail to appear as a whitish or yellowish colour which could crumble and become distorted. The actual level of distortions of the toe nail along with what color it appears may be based upon the precise fungus that infects the toenail. However for our foot fungi really like darkness and dampness and that is the actual ecosystem that you’ve got with the feet when it is in footwear. This hostile ecosystem makes the therapy tough. Typically, the treatment consists of frequent reduction of the nail plate and the use of a topical ointment so that they can stop the growth of the fungi. Other choices include things like laser treatment or oral drugs. Treatments might last many months and a lot do often happen again.

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