There Will Be No Phones In The Future, Only ‘Neuralink’ Will Exist, Elon Musk – Startup Pakistan

Elon Musk believes that in the future, phones will become obsolete and be replaced by Neuralink, a technology that allows people to control devices with their minds. His company, Neuralink, recently completed its first human trial by implanting a brain chip in 29-year-old Noland Arbaugh, who is paralyzed.

Since receiving the implant in January, Arbaugh has made remarkable progress and can now control devices just by thinking. This breakthrough demonstrates the potential of Neuralink to revolutionize how we interact with technology.

Musk shared on social media that he envisions a future where Neuralink users will dominate. The company is now looking for more participants to join upcoming trials to further test and develop this innovative technology.

By advancing Neuralink, Musk aims to create a world where traditional devices like phones are no longer necessary, offering a new way for people to connect and interact with the digital world directly through their minds. This vision could significantly improve the quality of life for those with disabilities and transform everyday technology use for everyone.

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