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If you were looking for an unlocking guide to learn more about the USCellular unlock policy, this is your lucky day because we have it prepared in this article. Learn with us all there is to know about how to smoothly remove the SIM lock enabled on your phone, no matter if you meet US Cellular’s requirements or not.

How can I tell if my US Cellular Phone is already Unlocked?

How can I tell if my US Cellular Phone is already Unlocked?
How can I tell if my US Cellular Phone is already Unlocked?

Before starting with the unlocking alternatives for devices restricted to the USCellular network, it’s very important to confirm your smartphone is in fact locked. The good news is that there are various ways for you to verify your phone’s lock status, which we’ll explain for you to check this out before continuing.

Try using the Phone with another Carrier

If your mobile device is locked to US Cellular, it won’t operate with any other network because that’s exactly what the SIM lock is meant to do. So, what you can do to see if you have this lock or not is to insert a SIM card from another provider like T-Mobile, Verizon, etc., and check if you can get connected to that new network or not:

  • If the smartphone works normally, it’s unlocked.
  • If the smartphone works exclusively with USCellular, it’s locked.

Contact the Carrier and ask if the Device is Locked

One of the most straightforward options is to simply contact US Cellular and ask them if they’re locking your phone or not (because they’re the ones who enable and disable these types of restrictions. So, visit your nearest USCellular store, contact them via live chat, or call them, and check directly with them whether your device has this restriction or not.

Use an Online IMEI SIM-Lock Status Checker

There are online platforms that you can use to verify whether your smartphone appears SIM-locked or not, and for what carrier in specific. Best of all, these pages can give you this information using only the IMEI number of the cellular device.

USCellular Unlock Policy

All you need to do is use the IMEI checker of your preference (we recommend the IMEI SIM-lock status checker called and enter your phone’s IMEI/ESN code. The whole process only takes a couple of seconds while the system runs the check and is 100% free of charge.

Guide to Unlock your Phone directly with US Cellular

Guide to Unlock your Phone directly with US Cellular
Guide to Unlock your Phone directly with US Cellular

Even though other network providers like AT&T have available online modules for users to submit their unlock requests, with USCellular it works a little differently. This carrier unlocks devices via a software update, which they send to your phone once you become eligible. However, devices that never received their update can also be unlocked upon request, which means you’ll need to contact the carrier to start the process.

How to contact the US Cellular Customer Support Department

  • You can contact them via live chat to talk with a USCellular representative.
  • You can call them at 888 944 9400.
  • You can visit your nearest USCellular store.
  • For business devices call 866 872 4249 or 800 819 9373.

What do I need for US Cellular to help me with my Request?

Before you contact them or go personally to place your request, it’s better if you count on the PIN of your online account, a state-issued ID, and a form of payment if you happen to need to bring your account up to date. In addition, it’s fair to mention that they will only help you if you are the phone and account owner, so if you bought a second-hand device they’ll not be able to unlock your device.

USCellular Unlock Policy: Requirements for Prepaid and Postpaid Smartphones

USCellular Unlock Policy: Requirements for Prepaid and Postpaid Smartphones
USCellular Unlock Policy

As happens with other network providers in the United States, submitting your SIM-unlock request doesn’t guarantee it’ll be approved because it all depends on whether you meet the carrier’s requirements or not. Now, there are certain differences between the process for prepaid and postpaid smartphones, but also, there are conditions that apply in general, which include that:

  • Your account must be in good standing.
  • Lost or stolen devices are not eligible for the unlock. 
  • Your phone must have been purchased from USCellular or an authorized USCellular retail store.
  • The device cannot be reported on the IMEI blacklist database.
  • The smartphone and account cannot be associated with any type of illegal or fraudulent activity.

USCellular Unlock Policy for Prepaid Devices Explained

USCellular Unlock Policy

The principal requirement for this type of mobile phone is that you must meet a certain period of paid and active service with USCellular. In fact, this also happens with postpaid phones, what changes is the amount of time you need to be tied to the network. Anyway, if you have an iPhone, you must be active on your US Cellular SIM plan for at least 120 days, and if you have an Android phone, the timeframe changes to at least 180 days.

USCellular Unlock Policy for Postpaid Devices Explained

USCellular Unlock Policy

Well, in this case, things change a little bit and tend to depend on how you paid for the smartphone itself, and the timeframes are equal for both iPhones and Android handsets. If you bought the postpaid device phone outright, you only have to wait the same 120 days mentioned before, but if you financed it on a payment plan, you’ll have to wait:

  • Subsidy Contracts: Until the contract term is completed.
  • Retail Installment Contract (RIC): For 36 months or until it’s paid off.

Exceptional cases in which Users can Unlock USCellular Devices during the Locking Period

USCellular Unlock Policy
USCellular Unlock Policy

There are certain circumstances under which the wireless carrier will agree to automatically unlock your phone, no matter if you have not met the minimum 120 days or have not finished paying your US Cellular installment plan. For example, if you are on military duty and can present your deployment documents where it’s specified that you’ll temporarily or permanently leave the carrier network coverage area, they’ll unlock your phone.

Also, you can unlock US cellular phones before completing your contract term or the 36 months for RIC if you finish paying for the smartphone earlier and, of course, have fulfilled all your financial obligations with the company. But anyway, remember that this doesn’t mean you can get an unlocked phone without meeting the other requirements or while having past due amounts on your US Cellular service plan.

Where do I find further Information regarding the USCellular Unlock Policy?

Even though you cannot place your order online, this carrier does have information in this regard on its official website. In fact, there is an article where they explain the conditions you need to meet for the phone to be eligible to be unlocked, but that’s the only official source of information they have (if you need further information it’s better to call).

Why is the US Cellular Website not loading when I try to access it?

Well, if the page seems to be not working it’s probably because you’re not located in the United States. A lot of carriers like USCellular have their websites programmed to work only in the US for security reasons, so if you’re abroad, it’ll stop working. Anyway, what you can do is use a VPN or wait until you come back to the country to check out the page.

What do I do if don’t meet the USCellular Unlock Policy?

If you already asked the carrier to remove the SIM lock from your mobile device but you don’t meet their terms and conditions, there’s still another option. What you can do is unlock your phone with us, which will benefit you because in UnlockHere, we’re a third party, so there are no eligibility requirements with us. If you’re interested in removing the SIMlock from your smartphone with our AI-powered unlock service, click here and learn more about our method.

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