Professional Butchers (Qasai) Expected Earning on 1st Day of Eid ul Adha Revealed – Startup Pakistan

Professional butchers, known as qasais, are expected to earn significantly on the first day of Eid. This year, the demand for their services has surged, with many qasais charging between 30,000 to 50,000 rupees for slaughtering a single calf.

As Eid approaches, families are preparing for the traditional sacrifice, leading to a high demand for skilled butchers. Given the rates they are charging, a qasai who manages to slaughter 8 to 10 calves in a day could see substantial earnings. With these rates, a butcher could potentially earn up to 500,000 rupees on the first day of Eid alone.

This high earning potential reflects the importance and value placed on the qasai’s expertise during Eid, a time when precise and respectful handling of the sacrificial animals is crucial. The income generated also highlights the seasonal nature of their work, where earnings from Eid can make up a significant portion of their annual income.

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