NASA Postpones Spacewalk Due to Spacesuit Discomfort Issue

NASA Spacewalker Frank Rubio During an Orbital Sunset

NASA astronaut and Expedition 68 Flight Engineer Frank Rubio is pictured during a spacewalk tethered to the International Space Station’s starboard truss structure. Behind Rubio, the last rays of an orbital sunset penetrate Earth’s thin atmosphere as the space station flew 258 miles above the African nation of Algeria. Credit: NASA

Scheduled Spacewalk 90 at the International Space Station was postponed due to spacesuit discomfort. Astronauts Tracy C. Dyson and Matthew Dominick halted preparations early. Upcoming spacewalks are set for June 24 and July 2, with the first focusing on hardware removal.

The U.S. spacewalk 90 planned for today (June 13) at the International Space Station (ISS) did not proceed as scheduled due to a spacesuit discomfort issue.

NASA astronauts Tracy C. Dyson and Matthew Dominick completed taking off their spacesuits about an hour before the crew was anticipated to exit the Quest airlock.

NASA Astronauts Tracy C. Dyson and Matthew Dominick

(From left) NASA astronauts Tracy C. Dyson and Matthew Dominick are pictured during spacewalk training in Houston, Texas. Credit: NASA

With consideration to NASA’s Boeing Starliner Crew Flight Test and other spaceflight operations, the next spacewalk will be Monday, June 24, followed by another on Tuesday, July 2, as was previously planned. The June 24 spacewalk will focus on radio frequency group hardware removal, while the content of the July 2 spacewalk is under evaluation and will be shared as available. The crew members on the station are healthy, and spacesuits are functioning as expected.

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