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In a world often characterized by its fast pace and individual pursuits, acts of kindness can serve as powerful reminders of our shared humanity. LuckyOne Mall, situated in the heart of Karachi, Pakistan, has long been a beacon of community engagement and social responsibility.

The mall has consistently demonstrated its commitment to fostering a sense of community and social well-being. This commitment is evident through Changing Lives, a campaign that built upon the success of their 2023 initiative, Random Acts of Kindness.

What Changing Lives Is All About?

At the core of Changing Lives lies a simple yet profound notion: the transformative power of compassion. This initiative invites individuals to reflect on moments where their actions have uplifted others, celebrating the innate kindness that resides within us all.

The campaign encompassed seven key categories: Change Makers, A Rescue Tale, Draw for a Life, Planted, Storytelling, Ramadan Bazaar, and Visit to Old Age Home.

Change Makers provided a platform for people to share their experiences of positively impacting others’ lives. Over 250 submissions poured in, showcasing acts of compassion and selflessness that resonated with the campaign’s core message.

A Rescue Tale celebrated the strong spirit of animal lovers. This category specifically highlighted the heartwarming stories of individuals who go above and beyond to help animals in need. More than 250 participants shared their inspiring animal rescue stories on LuckyOne Mall’s Facebook page, further emphasizing the importance of animal welfare.

Draw for a Life goes beyond the language, offering a creative outlet for expressing kindness towards patients, the differently-abled, and senior citizens. The campaign set up a designated space within the mall where visitors, young and old, could express their well wishes through drawings. These drawings were then transformed into Eid greeting cards and delivered to spread joy and foster a sense of connection. Over 450 people participated in this heartfelt initiative.

Planted served as a powerful reminder that positive change, like planting a tree, flourishes with time and dedication. This category encouraged individuals to plant a tree, record a video with the hashtag #Planted, and share it on social media. By promoting environmental consciousness, LuckyOne Mall hopes to inspire a collective effort toward a greener future.

Storytelling was another initiative under Changing Lives, where every Saturday during Ramadan, sessions for storytelling were organized for the general public as well as special kids from organizations such as KDSP, Deaf Reach, Ida Rieu, and DEWA Academy. These sessions, conducted by Shehzad Qamar, aimed to develop a habit for reading and learning among children and provided an inclusive environment where every child could feel valued and entertained.

Ramadan Bazaar was organized by LuckyOne Mall in partnership with The Crafter’s Guild. It provided female home-based entrepreneurs with a platform to sell their products and interact with people. This women-empowerment initiative supported local female-owned businesses by giving them an opportunity to reach a wider audience, thus enhancing their economic independence.

Visit to Old Age Homes was organized by LuckyOne Mall, and its team visited old age homes to spend a day with the residents and spread smiles. The team, including the cleaning staff, helped with cleaning and the hairstylists provided grooming services. Additionally they were handed out new clothes and the team had food together with the residents. Moreover, the Draw for a Life campaign’s Eid cards were given to the residents. Visit to the old age homes not only brought their residents joy and comfort but also demonstrated the commitment of the largest mall in Pakistan to caring for all members of the community.

LuckyOne Mall celebrated its 7th birthday in a grand and heartfelt event that brought the community together. The celebration was made significantly more special by the presence of the participants of the Changing Lives campaign, as well as children from Dewa, Deaf Reach, KDSP, Ida Rieu, and Hussaini Yateem Khana who joined in the festivities. This special day highlighted the mall’s commitment to making a difference and fostering a sense of belonging among its patrons.

The event was not just limited to the invitees; everyone present at the mall was encouraged to participate in the birthday celebrations. Through a series of lucky draws, numerous bikes and other exciting gifts were awarded, spreading joy and excitement among the visitors. The atmosphere was vibrant, with storytelling sessions by Khalid Anam and Shehzad Qamar captivating the children, while jugglers and stilt walkers added a festive touch to the occasion.

The success of the Changing Lives campaign underscores LuckyOne Mall’s mission to cultivate a culture of compassion and empathy. By inspiring people to share their stories and engage in acts of kindness, the mall is not just a shopping destination but a hub of positive social impact. The 7th birthday celebration was a testament to this mission, as it brought smiles, laughter, and a sense of unity to all who attended.

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