Mac McClung With Another HUGE Performance SCORING 37 Against The Wolves (03/25/24)

Mac with his 5th 30 plus point game in his last 6 games played. However the Magic suffered a heartbreaking defeat to one of the worst teams in the G League in a game they lead throughout. The team completely fell apart down the stretch, losing what should’ve been an easy win.

The Magic’s president was in attendance at this game, I wonder how he justifies not having Mac on a 2 way while Kevon Harris (who shot 2-12 and is both statistically and in the eye test far behind Mac) and Admiral Schofield who hasn’t played a second for Osceola all season and almost never plays for Orlando are both on 2 ways ahead of him? Of course this man used a lottery pick on Jett Howard, who’s probably the 8th best player on this team, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Mac McClung

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