How to Start Your Supermarket Business in Dubai?

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    May 26, 2024
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Are you looking to start your own supermarket business in Dubai? Opening a supermarket in Dubai can be a profitable business experience. With its booming economy and various populations, there is a high demand for quality grocery stores. However, starting a supermarket requires careful planning and execution.

Benefits of Starting a Super Market in Dubai, UAE

Starting a supermarket in Dubai presents multiple of benefits, making it an attractive experience for aspiring entrepreneurs.

  1. Ease of Setup: Setting up a supermarket in Dubai is a direct process. It requires a business license, a network of suppliers, and an ideal physical location.

  2. Simple Licensing: Getting a supermarket license in Dubai is relatively simple.

  3. Rising Demand: The demand for supermarkets is always on the rise, assuring a steady growth in sales. Food is a basic condition, and as a supermarket owner, your business will cater to this essential demand.

  4. Partnership Opportunities: Numerous businesses will be eager to stock their goods in your supermarket, opening up profitable partnership opportunities.

To ensure a smooth setup process, it’s advisable to collaborate with business setup consultants in Dubai, such as Neeja Corporate Services.

How Many Documents Do I Need to Open a Supermarket in Dubai?

To secure a supermarket license in Dubai, you need to collect and submit a few important documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED). These include:

List of goods

Passport copies

Detailed business plan for the supermarket

National ID card

Visa copies

Why is it Important to Consider Factors Before Starting a Super Market in Dubai?

Before you start the business setup process, consider the following aspects:

Initial Approvals

To open a supermarket in Dubai, you need to submit relevant documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED) or the appropriate authorities in free zones, depending on your chosen location. Upon thorough review of your documents, the authorities will grant initial approval for your business.

Business Plan

Developing a complete business plan is a requirement. Your plan should outline the company structure, required capital, location, and market trends. Once your business plan is in place, you can proceed with the setup process.


After preparing your business plan, you need to complete essential documentation. This includes,

Trademark Registration

Ejari registration

Tenancy contract

Copies of visas and passports, and

Approvals from the Municipality.

Ensure all documents are accurately filled out to avoid any delays in obtaining your business license.

Steps to Start a Supermarket Business in Dubai

Follow these steps to launch your supermarket in Dubai:

Step 1: Choose a Company Name

Begin by selecting a unique and captivating name for your supermarket. Ensure that your chosen name attaches to the trade name regulations set by the UAE government.

Step 2: Outline Business Activities

You need to define the types of products or goods you plan to sell at your supermarket. This is important as you will only receive a license for these specific products.

Step 3: Get Your License

In Dubai, each type of business operation requires a specific type of trade or business license. To run your supermarket, you will need to secure a commercial license.

Step 4: Rent a Suitable Premises

It’s important to find a suitable location for your supermarket. Ensure the space meets government regulations regarding size and cleanliness.

Step 5: Settle One-Time Charges

Once your paperwork is approved, you will receive a payment voucher from the DED. This is a one-time charge that you need to clear promptly to avoid any potential license cancellation.

Step 6: Open a Corporate Bank Account

Opening a corporate bank account will enable your financial transactions and offer you long-term benefits provided by banks to commercial license holders and business visa holders.

Step 7: Secure Your Visas

Finally, apply for your investor visa. You can also apply for visas for your family members, house workers, and company employees.


Starting a supermarket business in Dubai can be a rewarding experience with the right planning and execution. By following these steps and investing time and effort into your supermarket business, you can establish a successful presence in Dubai’s competitive retail market. Remember to stay adaptable and customer-focused to ensure the long-term success of your supermarket business.

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