How Many Times Have You Been Scammed in Network Marketing?

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Four Corners Alliance Group Review

I want to start this review by asking you a real valid question. How many times have you been scammed online? Is it once, twice, or perhaps just too many times you can’t even remember. How many business opportunities have you joined that simply didn’t work? Probably too many. I can only guess, that’s the reason why you landed on this 4 Corners Alliance Group review article.


My name is Louie Enrique and I’m a real person. What I’m about to share with you now, will probably be the best thing you have read all day. It will change your life for the better just like it’s already changing a lot of people’s lives out there.


Let me answer the question that has probably been bothering you all this way:

What is Four Corners Alliance Group?

Simply, 4 Corners Alliance Group is a company that markets and sells educational products, mainly information on personal finances. On the other side, it offers its affiliates/members a chance to make money online through a business opportunity that implements a forced 4 x 6 matrix carefully placed which serves as the company’s compensation plan. David Harrison, Australian-born, experienced programmer and ex – hotels Manager, is the founder and CEO of this company based in Las Vegas, USA.

Now for the coolest part:

It costs a small one-time fee of $18 to join the company and benefit from the opportunity. That is, $8 as registration fee and $10 as your first product purchase. There’s a series of 6 products total at the time of this writing.

Note: You are only ever going to spend $10 once for the first product (Included in the $18 initial pay) YES! ONE-TIME and you’ll never ever pay anything again from your own pockets for the remaining five. The 6 products also represent the six levels of the pay plan with a potential to make you a 5 figure income for each person you introduce to Four Corners Alliance Group. And that’s just from the first income stream alone. There is a total of 5 income streams, two of which are monthly residuals (month after month).


You have a chance to make at least $560,000 for each person that falls on your down-line whether you recruited them or not. Of course you don’t have to recruit any one if you wish, but God knows how long it will take you to get there. The company recommends you introduce only four people. When each does the same and everyone beneath them does the same down to level six, that’s how you earn $560,000 per person.(that’s just one income stream, mind you there are 5 total).


If you sponsor 4, that’s $560,000 times 4 on the first income stream alone. You do the math.

This is why 7-figure earners like Frank Calabro Jr. have already joined Four Corners Alliance Group and are making major headlines. These are not guys who’d rush into a program just to make a quick buck. They join lucrative and genuine opportunities only because they have a large group of followers and so they have a reputation to keep and protect.

Disclaimer: This is not a get rich quick type of opportunity. You have a chance to make big money but it won’t happen overnight. As to every success, you must work hard and obviously, results are not typical.

Now you might say. Hang on a sec, this sounds too good to be true.

Listen, I can’t convince you hard enough. You might as well do what you think works for you. But truth is, while you sit and brainstorm all the negatives about 4 Corners Alliance Group, people are cashing in four to five figures weekly. People who questioned once, found the truth and took ACTION immediately. People like me and others already inside. After all, what do you have to loose for an $18 one-time payment?

Begin your Five Figure Income Journey Now With Four Corners.

So, how does this thing work anyway?

It’s pretty simple.

After joining 4 Corners Alliance Group, you are supposed to refer 4 people only on your first level. If you decide to sponsor more, that’s really good for you because you are going to be rewarded for that as well. But your first priority and focus should be your first four. The rest will take care of itself. Pretty simple.

If you can’t sponsor four people into a business you might as well quit making money online because you are just not serious enough.

But wait, it gets better:

Like I stated earlier on, this is a 4 x 6 forced matrix. That means, your first level is only 4 people but it goes down 6 levels. The word forced matrix means, you won’t sponsor all your down-lines. Most of them will come from the spills from your sponsors (up-lines).

Let me explain that……..

After your first level is filled up (4 people), any person you sponsor thereafter will be placed under your down-line to fill their first levels. And that goes on and on. To make it even much more clearly, that means, you might as well not sponsor anyone on your first level. You might wake up one morning and find your four people already placed from the spills coming from the people/team that referred you to the program.

Careful now…….

I’m not saying you should join and relax. Yes you might get your four people from the spills, but for every person you personally sponsor, there is a bonus attached and I’m talking residual sizable income here. That’s why I encourage you to sponsor more than four people after you join because you are going to benefit more.

And now the exciting part…….

The 4 corners Alliance Group Compensation plan

Now, look at the image below (4 corners alliance compensation plan), see what’s possible and immediately watch the video below that. See, it’s easier to watch than read. I can write and explain the entire plan here but you’ll probably get tired before you finish, in as much as it is exciting.

This will also avoid a lot of confusion.

So really quick, let’s go over the top reasons:

Why should you join Four Corners Alliance Group:

It’s cheap. $18 one-time payment and that’s all you’ll ever spend on this program out of your pocket. How many opportunities have you ever joined that costed you more than this? This is your one shot to financial freedom. An $18 dollar exchange for a better lifestyle. You have nothing to lose.

It’s a 4 x 6 Forced Matrix. You only sponsor 4 people into the business and it’s pretty much settled. That is not even taking into account the spills you get from your up-line. It’s easy, you can sponsor those four in less than 48 hours and I’ll teach you to do just that.

Residual Income. Yes, that’s four, five, six figure incomes paid to you, month in month out for life. You might as well quit your 9 to 5 job and live the laptop lifestyle like the big guns on the internet.

Five Income Streams. YES! 4 corners alliance group has 5 income streams embedded into the business and it’s all automated. So you are not earning from one but 5 sources. How cool and powerful is that? It’s all explained in the video above. In case you skipped it, go over back and watch. That’s how people are cashing out four figures every week.

Insane Bonuses. Did I mention that for every person you personally enroll into the program there is a reward in place for that? That’s potentially $559,824 from any referral. TOTALLY INSANE.

Weekly Payouts. You can cash-out your money every week.

So far there are no cons. What are you still waiting for?

Why should you join under me?

Just two things really,

I joined Four Corners Alliance Group under people who really know what they are doing, the best internet marketers who sponsor like crazy.


Expect massive spillovers. Your efforts combined with ours, your six levels will be filled out in no time. And that’s an advantage right there.

I’ll Share the methods I personally use to sponsor people with less efforts, the method that I was taught by my sponsor that is really working. Like I said, with this technique, you might fill out your first level in less than 48 hours.

Multi-level Marketing is really changing lives and more and more people are quitting their jobs. As detailed in one of the Forbes articles: Would You Join A Multi-Level Marketing Company For Retirement Income?


Thank you for reading this short and brief Four Corners Alliance Group review. If you can’t make money here, I’m not really sure where I should categorize you. This is by far the only program that is newbie friendly. It’s a global business for all people. Finally a real chance to make money online is here. I will tell you this. Miracles do happen and can be created. You can begin to create your own financial freedom miracle by joining 4 corners alliance now. Rewards follow ACTION takers.

Take action now and join thousands already benefiting from this, CLICK HERE TO JOIN

See You On the Other Side, THE WINNING Side!

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