Cancer Medicine Worth Rs. 360 Million ‘Stolen’ from Karachi’s Civil Hospital – Startup Pakistan

Cancer medicine worth Rs 360 million has reportedly been stolen from Civil Hospital in Karachi. The theft, which took place over a period of ten months, has raised serious concerns about internal oversight and security at the hospital.

The Medical Superintendent of the hospital has filed a case against several health department employees at the Eidgah Police Station, accusing them of being involved in the theft. The stolen medicines include 76,000 cancer pills that disappeared between February 17 and September 26, 2023.

Two hospital employees, Niaz Khaskheli and Iqbal, are among the primary suspects in this case. Their alleged involvement has brought to light the critical need for better supervision and tighter security measures within the hospital.

This significant loss of valuable medicine is a serious issue, not only because of the financial impact but also because it affects the availability of essential treatment for cancer patients. The incident has sparked an investigation into how such a large quantity of medicine could go missing over an extended period without being detected.

The hospital administration is now under pressure to review and improve its security protocols to prevent such incidents in the future. The case highlights the importance of having strict oversight and accountability within healthcare institutions to ensure that valuable resources are protected and used appropriately.

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