Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth – Treatment 7

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    John Barton – Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth
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    April 4, 2024
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The whole structure has experienced a deeper felt sense of space, organization, and integration by the Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth seventh hour session: Palintonicity/Adaptability (7-8-9) core expressing through lower pole (push). The amount of stress that the visceral cranium and neural cranium exhibit on the whole organism is immense and release in this session allows the work to transmission from the earth to the clouds. ”’If we establish a spanning polarity between the top of the head and the base of the sacrum in relation to the directional span of the gravity field, we have a new kind of structurally integrated man”-IPR. In the seventh hour we deal with the relationship of the head and neck to the rest of the body via the thoracic inlet/outlet and continue support in the upper ribs and thoracic inlet for a horizontal shoulder girdle.

Continue core/sleeve/axial complex differentiation of the shoulders into head and neck relative to a functional axial component and address the hyoids, SCM and trapezius. Special attention should be given to posterior cervical and occipital fascia as well as side bends with rotations of the cranial bones. Address space or lack there of with the viscero-cranium for the first time by resolving rotations and compressions inter orally. This can be done now and possibly again later in another session which includes and is not limited to the exterior and inter oral fascia, temporalis, zigomatic arch, masseter, cheeks and mandibular line, tounge, hard and soft palletes (especially with roto-scoliosis),lateral/medial pterygoid. The inter nasal work will cultivate integration of the neuro-viscero cranium components. Depending on the lines of tension, back work should be seated from head to sacrum, integrating everything from the bottom off the feet to the frontalis, represented by SBL model or gallbladder channel. The best way to end this session is a ocular decoupling exercise that completely disengages and integrates the neck and head. Pelvic lift or tilt ends the Advanced Rolfing Fort Worth seventh-hour.

John Barton, Certified Rolfer & Rolfing Fort Worth-Dallas

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