6 Million+Hides & Skins Worth Rs 6 Billion Collected on Eid-ul-Adha – Startup Pakistan

During Eid Al-Adha, people in Pakistan sacrificed over 6 million animals, with the total value being about $1.8 billion. In recent years, charities have relied less on animal hides because the demand and prices have been going down.

This year, Pakistanis sacrificed 6.8 million animals, but 40% of the hides were wasted. Now, hides from Eid Al-Adha make up only 20% of the raw materials needed by the leather industry.

As a result, Pakistani charities like Saylani Welfare and Al-Khidmat Foundation have started looking for other ways to raise money, since the value of hides has become so low.

Additionally, Pakistan’s leather exports have decreased. They went from $677 million to $624 million. This decline is partly due to the growing popularity of artificial leather, which has taken over a significant part of the market.

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