#1 Tool to Unlock Amaysim Phones locked to Optus Mobile!

Did you know that having your phone network locked to a carrier doesn’t let you use it abroad, receive OS updates directly from the manufacturer, or switch to other networks that better suit your needs? That’s why in UnlockHere we’re committed to the task of helping people fix their devices to unlock their full potential, so keep reading to learn how to unlock Amaysim phones with us in no time and without having to pay anything!

How do I check the Lock Status of my Mobile Device?

How do I check the Lock Status of my Mobile Device?
How do I check the Lock Status of my Mobile Device?

Finding out whether your phone is SIM Network-locked or not is actually very easy because a locked phone will only work with its Amaysim SIM, so there are ways in which you can test the device to see if there is a network restriction on its cellular bands or not. Let’s see together the three main ways in which you can verify the lock status of a particular phone and tell if it needs to be unlocked or not.

Insert a SIM from another Provider into the Phone

This is one of the easiest ways to see if your device is locked. All you have to do is get a SIM card from a carrier different than Amaysim and Optus and enter it on the phone. If the device operates with the new network as normal, then it’s not locked, but if you see a message saying that the new SIM is invalid, it’s probably locked.

Contact Amaysim’s Customer Service Department

Another way to verify if a phone is carrier-locked or not is to call the company that is most likely locking it, so all you have to do is contact Amaysim’s support department and ask them what is the lock status of your handset and if it is, how you can unlock it.

Use an online IMEI Checker

There are various online IMEI checkers on the internet, which are pages used to verify the IMEI status of a phone to tell whether it’s blacklisted or not, what’s its warranty status, and also to check if that device is locked to its carrier or not. All you need is to open your browser and search “IMEI check” to then open the website you like better, and enter the IMEI of your phone to see its status for free.

Do all Amaysim Mobile Phones come Carrier Locked?

Do all Amaysim Mobile Phones come Carrier Locked?
Do all Amaysim Mobile Phones come Carrier Locked?

Not all Amaysim devices come network-locked! In fact, all Samsung and Apple devices are sold completely unlocked while there are devices of other brands like Oppo and Optus X that do come locked. It all depends on the type of phone you buy and whether you finance it on an installment plan with them or not (because financed phones are more likely to come locked).

Why are Amaysim Phones Locked to the Optus Network?

If you have a carrier-locked device, you’ve probably noticed that the phone is not locked to Amaysim per se but to Optus, but why is that? Well, it turns out that Amaysim is an MVNO that doesn’t own a network radio frequency, which means that they pay another provider to use their cellular towers and network, which is Optus in this case. So, your phone is locked to Optus because that’s the network that Amaysim uses, which is actually beneficial. After all, your phone is not tied to a single provider but to all Optus’ MVNOs.

Steps to Unlock Amaysim Phones with UnlockHere’s AI-Powered Platform

Steps to Unlock Amaysim Phones with UnlockHere's AI-Powered Platform
Steps to Unlock Amaysim Phones with UnlockHere’s AI-Powered Platform

If you need to unlock your device now but don’t want to pay Amaysim’s unlock fees or already tried to start the process with them but couldn’t because you’re still under contract, don’t worry because in UnlockHere we can help you. Let’s see together a very easy step-by-step on how to automatically unlock a phone with our free unlock service without needing to contact Amaysim Australia.

Steps to fix a SIM-Locked Phone with UnlockHere’s AI-Powered Tool

  • Click here to visit our carrier unlock module.
  • Click where it says “Carrier Unlock App”.
  • Select the brand of the device (if it’s an iPhone, an Oppo, etc.).
  • Enter the IMEI code of the locked device.
  • Enter your name and email.
  • Follow the instructions sent to your email.

Will I receive a Network Unlock Code?

Well, not really because unlock codes are not necessary in this process. Carriers normally use them for you to complete the process yourself by entering the code into the device, but as we count on an AI-powered method that processes the unlock automatically, there are no additional steps.

Why do I need the IMEI of my Device to Carrier Unlock it?

Why do I need the IMEI of my Device to Carrier Unlock it?
Why do I need the IMEI of my Device to Carrier Unlock it?

You’ll need the IMEI number of the locked device because it is a key piece of information! The IMEI of your phone is an identifying number pretty useful to get the device details and make sure the unlock is successful; you can think of it as a kind of ID for phones that help us know a little more about the device we need to unlock. Anyway, rest assured that as soon as the unlock process is finished and your phone’s network restriction is removed, we’ll automatically delete all information about the order.

How can UnlockHere Unlock my Phone without the Carrier’s Authorization?

Well, as soon as UnlockHere is a third party not associated with Amaysim, their terms and conditions don’t really apply to our users. Now, a lot of people wonder how we can do that, and well, the answer is quite simple, we’ve developed an AI-powered unlock assistant capable of unlocking any phone 100% online! Nifty, our AI-powered assistant, counts on all the special algorithms and programs necessary to fix your phone, and as we believe everybody should be able to use their phones freely, Nifty’s service is available for everybody without any charge.

Is it Really worth it to Unlock Amaysim Phones?

SIM-unlocking your Amaysim phone is 100% worth it not only because you won’t be limited to a single carrier anymore, but because you’ll be able to use your phone anywhere whether you’re out of Amaysim’s coverage area or not! In addition, having an unlocked device is way better also because its resell value increases a lot thanks to the unlock. So, if you ever want to resell the device, it’ll be easier to find potential buyers and you’ll be able to commercialize it for a better price.

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