ZeOmega Integrates SDOH Platform w/ Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

ZeOmega Integrates SDOH Platform w/ Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare

What You Should Know: 

  • ZeOmega announced it has integrated its Jiva Population Health Enterprise Management Platform’s SDOH Social Care solution with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare built for Microsoft Azure
  • The integration empowers healthcare organizations with Azure to achieve increased access, seamless compatibility, and unmatched administrative efficiency, enabling smoother processes and freeing healthcare professionals to prioritize exceptional patient care. SDOH takes center stage with data visualizations for informed decision-making and understanding patient needs. The measurement dashboard provides a comprehensive view of SDOH outcomes, empowering continuous improvement for optimized patient outcomes.

Integration Benefits

Social determinants of health (SDOH) such as lack of transportation and food insecurity are said to impact 50 percent of health outcomes. When patients face hurdles in adhering to care guidelines, even minor conditions can spiral out of control and lead to costly hospitalizations and procedures. The breadth and depth of ZeOmega’s SDOH data sources gives care coordinators and clinicians a complete, at-a-glance view of social needs by area, population, and individual so they can strategize and deploy appropriate interventions. Integration with Cloud for Healthcare and Microsoft Power Platform will enable case managers, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals to work from a single unified platform where they can access high-level visualizations of social, clinical, and behavioral information and take appropriate action within their existing workflows.

“Our SDOH solution integrated with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare will help clients deliver even more effective and efficient member engagement as they identify risks and needs across geographic areas, populations, and at an individual level,” said Pravin Pant, MSHI, Vice President of Advanced Analytics, ZeOmega. “Equipping our robust platform with the capabilities of Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare and Power Platform functionality expands healthcare leaders’ access to actionable insights to develop precision strategy, and improve patient outcomes and ROI for their organizations, all from one unified workflow.”

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