Yseop Secures Investment to Accelerate Generative AI Content Automation for Pharma –

Yseop Secures Investment to Accelerate Generative AI Content Automation for Pharma –
Yseop Secures Investment to Accelerate Generative AI Content Automation for Pharma –

What You Should Know:

  • Yseop, a world-leading Generative AI company for life sciences, today announces the closing of a strategic investment round, with new investor Novartis (dRx Capital), joining existing investors Eli Lilly, NextStage AM and Wille Finance and celebrates its involvement in more than 150 clinical trials across the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world.
  • Included in these clinical trials are many of the most notable advancements in new treatments, vaccines, and medicines that society has seen in recent history.

Leading Pharmaceutical Advances Globally

Yseop, a pioneer in Generative AI for medical and regulatory writing, has automated critical aspects of the clinical document landscape, such as Clinical Study Reports and Patient Narratives. In 2023, Yseop generated over 10,000 reports, saving tens of thousands of writing and review hours. This efficiency not only represents significant cost savings but also aligns with Yseop’s commitment to expedite the introduction of life-saving drugs to the market. Deployed across various therapeutic areas, Yseop’s Generative AI, integrated into the Yseop Copilot platform, has been embraced by hundreds of medical writers globally.

With a recent investment, Yseop aims to automate the entire pharmaceutical document process, from preclinical trials to FDA approval. Yseop Copilot, an enterprise software platform, utilizes pre-trained language models designed for the BioPharma industry. This multimodal platform is a groundbreaking solution for pharmaceutical companies grappling with content automation challenges. Functioning as a copilot for scientific writers, Yseop maximizes efficiency and accuracy by generating reports and insights, ensuring seamless scalability and application security.

Given the prolonged and expensive drug development process, Yseop’s partnership with leading pharmaceutical brands seeks to expedite clinical trials and approvals. The Generative AI-powered content automation platform holds the potential to significantly reduce the time and cost involved, facilitating the quicker availability of life-saving pharmaceuticals in the market.

“Our investors and clients understand the value Yseop brings by automating various aspects of medical writing and how impactful Generative AI capabilities can be when applied across all of life sciences,” said Emmanuel Walckenaer, CEO of Yseop. “This further strategic investment adds significant value to Yseop as we look to build out our Generative AI technology and scale it across pharma content development.”

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