Withings Health Integrates Smart Scales/BPMs with Validic

Withings Health Integrates Smart Scales/BPMs with Validic

What You Should Know: 

Withings Health Solutions announce its suite of cellular devices is now integrated into Validic’s healthcare IoT platform. 

– With their combined decades of expertise in transforming patient data into meaningful and actionable insights, these two organizations are advancing healthcare interoperability delivering high-quality patient-generated health data to their clients and partners. 

Integration Details

This integration brings Withings Body Pro, a cellular smart scale, and Withings BPM Connect Pro, a cellular blood pressure monitor, into the Validic ecosystem. The built-in cellular connectivity ensures that care teams receive consistent, continuous, and reliable measurements to make more informed and timely decisions. Designed with inclusivity in mind, these cellular devices come equipped with seamless WiFi and Bluetooth fallback options, ensuring that every patient can participate in their program, even if they live in a cellular dead zone. 

Remote health monitoring has quickly become part of the standard of care in the healthcare industry, but the challenges associated with getting access to high-quality patient-generated data have often been overlooked. “There are a lot of moving pieces that need to be aligned for this critical health data to even exist. After years of working closely with the healthcare industry, we have learned that it’s the details that make a difference,” said Antoine Robiliard, VP of Withings Health Solutions. “With Validic, we share a passion for details, a passion for designing seamless experiences for all stakeholders, and a passion for high-quality data. I’m very excited about this integration because together we solve this data challenge for our shared customers and empower them to focus on what they excel at – providing the best possible care for their patients.” 

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