Who Won INVEST Digital Health Pitch Perfect 2023?

Who Won INVEST Digital Health Pitch Perfect 2023?

From left: Hubert Zajicek, Health Wildcatters CEO and co-founder; Somer Baburek, Hera Biotech CEO; and Katie Adams, MedCity News Senior Reporter.

At the MedCity INVEST Digital Health conference in Dallas, held in collaboration with Health Wildcatters, the startup pitch contest known as Pitch Perfect highlighted companies focused on femtech. Seven companies presented their approaches to addressing women’s health from sexual health to pregnancy to menopause.

Company executives presented their businesses and then fielded questions from a panel of judges who included:

  • Jay Goss, General Partner, Wavemaker360
  • Jessica Federer, Managing Partner, Supernode Ventures
  • Kerry Rupp, General Partner, TrueWealth Ventures

Hera Biotech walked away with the winner’s trophy. The company has developed a noninvasive test for early diagnosis and staging of endometriosis, a painful condition in which tissue similar to the tissue that normally lines the inside of the uterus – the endometrium – grows outside the uterus. The business was co-founded in 2020 by CEO Somer Baburek, Dr. Paul Castella, the executive chairman, CSO Dr. Bruce Nicholson, and Dr. Nameer Kirma, chair of the advisory board.

Other companies that took part in the competition include:

The next Pitch Perfect contest will take place at INVEST 2024 in Chicago May 21-22. Look for details on application criteria in the coming months!

Photo: Walter Lim

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