WeightWatchers Launches First-Of-Its-Kind GLP-1 Program + WeightWatchers Clinic

WeightWatchers Launches First-Of-Its-Kind GLP-1 Program + WeightWatchers Clinic
WeightWatchers Launches First-Of-Its-Kind GLP-1 Program + WeightWatchers Clinic


What You Should Know:

WeightWatchers launches two new offerings to further support individuals on their journeys to better health: the WeightWatchers GLP-1 Program and WeightWatchers Clinic integration within the WeightWatchers App.

– By focusing on personalization, scientific evidence, and comprehensive support, WW empowers individuals to take control of their weight health and achieve lasting results.

WeightWatchers GLP-1 Program

This program addresses the unique needs of individuals taking GLP-1 medications for weight loss. Recognizing the decreased appetite and potential muscle loss associated with these medications, WW developed a tailored approach. The program offers:

– Daily nutritional targets: Focuses on protein, fruits, vegetables, and hydration to ensure adequate nutrient intake.

– Daily activity targets: Includes strength training to maintain muscle mass during weight loss.

– GLP-1 go-to foods list: Helps members navigate the reduced appetite and choose optimal foods.

– Recipe inspiration: Provides high-protein meal ideas for quick and easy preparation.

– Trackers and community: Helps members monitor progress and connect with others on similar journeys.

– Virtual workshops and coached support: Provides expert guidance and motivation throughout the program.

WeightWatchers Clinic Integration

WW further expands its offerings with WeightWatchers Clinic, now available within the WW app. This service offers:

– Personalized, timely support: Care coordinators, registered dietitians, fitness specialists, and board-certified clinicians guide members towards their goals.

– Access to FDA-approved medications: Eligible members can access medication management with telehealth appointments.

– Holistic approach: Combines behavioral support with clinical interventions for a comprehensive weight health solution.

“What we’ve seen is that people taking GLP-1 medications need help with a different set of behavioral challenges in comparison to people not on these medications”, said Gary Foster, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, WeightWatchers. “For example, in the context of a reduced appetite, large weight losses, and a significant loss in muscle, it is important to help people focus on dietary protein and activity to minimize the loss of muscle mass. The WeightWatchers GLP-1 Program helps members establish and adhere to healthy habits while the food noise from GLP-1 medications is reduced”.

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