Vivoo, a startup that claims to offer personalized nutrition and lifestyle advice guided by urine tests, announced it has raised $6 million in Series A funding.

The round was led by Draper Associates, with participation from ONCE Ventures, Revo Capital, 500 Startups, Global Ventures and Halogen Ventures.


Vivoo offers at-home urine tests paired with a connected app that analyzes the test and provides recommendations. The company said users can urinate on a test strip and take a photo of that strip with their smartphone’s camera to get nutrition advice in Vivoo’s app.

“Like many people interested in health and wellness, we wanted to find a fast, accurate at-home wellness tracker. We tried every health and wellness tracker and at-home test in the market but couldn’t find any single test that provided what we wanted,” Miray Tayfun, cofounder and CEO of Vivoo, said in a statement.

“As bioengineers, we knew there had to be a way to create a simple at-home test and combine it with a recommendation engine to help people learn what their bodies need. With the investment, we will be able to continue to expand and meet the growing demand for customized wellness advice.”


Vivoo said the Series A capital will go toward expanding its team. 


Ombre, an at-home gut microbiome testing company that also aims to provide diet recommendations based on its results, recently raised $3 million in seed funding. DayTwo, another microbiome testing company, also offers its analysis to help with nutrition and glycemic control.

ZOE, which in May scooped up $20 million in Series B funding, uses at-home gut health, blood sugar and blood fat tests to provide personalized dietary plans for its customers. 

Baze, another company that uses blood tests to offer personalized nutrition advice and supplement packages, earned a $6 million Series A in 2019 and was acquired earlier this year

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