Vivodyne Secures $38M for AI-Powered Drug Discovery Platform

Vivodyne Secures M for AI-Powered Drug Discovery Platform
Vivodyne Secures M for AI-Powered Drug Discovery Platform

Vivodyne started as an idea between Co-Founders Andrei Georgescu (left), now Vivodyne’s CEO, and UPenn Professor Dan Huh (right), now Vivodyne’s CSO, while Andrei performed his Ph.D. graduate studies in Huh’s bioengineering research lab. Photo credit: Penn Engineering

What You Should Know:

Vivodyne, a biotech company that accelerates drug discovery by testing therapies on lab-grown human organs raises $38M in total seed financing, led by Khosla Ventures, with participation from Kairos Ventures, CS Ventures, MBX Capital, and Bison Ventures.

– The funding will support Vivodyne’s development of a clinically predictive AI stack and discovery pipeline, which utilizes lab-grown human organ tissues to identify novel therapeutic targets and predict patient responses to new drugs.

Addressing Drug Development Bottlenecks

One of the primary challenges in drug development is the lack of reliable human-predictive data. Vivodyne’s transformative approach generates patient-level human results before clinical trials, overcoming this critical bottleneck. The company’s platform can cultivate, dose, and analyze more than 10,000 individual human tissues simultaneously using robotic automation, generating vast human datasets that will power the next generation of human-trained AI for drug discovery.

Transforming Drug Discovery with Predictive Human Data

Vivodyne has bioengineered over 20 types of human organ tissues that mimic native human physiology and function, enabling accurate prediction of patient outcomes at the cellular, tissue, organ, and systemic scale. These lab-grown organs mimic native human physiology and function, allowing researchers to accurately assess the effects of new drugs on human cells and tissues. The company’s AI approach to drug development has already attracted collaborations with the majority of the top 10 large pharma companies.

“By testing drugs and life-saving biologics directly on these realistic human tissues at an unprecedented scale and resolution, we can improve the success rates of therapeutics entering clinical trials,” said Alex Morgan, Partner at Khosla Ventures. “Vivodyne’s technology bridges the gap between preclinical R&D and human clinical trials, while automating every step of the testing pipeline.”

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