Uptiv Health Launches Hybrid Infusion Care Experience with $7.5M

Uptiv Health Launches Hybrid Infusion Care Experience with $7.5M

What You Should Know: 

  • Uptiv Health announced the launch of a new hybrid infusion care experience, providing a holistic approach to care that includes personalized in-person care and extends beyond the infusion center to support patients and improve outcomes via a consumer-friendly digital platform.
  • Uptiv was built at Redesign Health by Torben Nielsen and the founding team and has raised $7.5 million in seed funding. Uptiv will use this funding to expand its services and into additional markets in the near future.

Hybrid, Whole-Person Infusion Care

Today, more than 3 million Americans require infusion care for their chronic conditions, and the experience that many receive is incredibly cold, impersonal and disjointed. As a result, many don’t receive all the care they need, and while we’ve seen a move to bring more infusion care into the home, that avenue also presents its issues.

Infusion therapy is becoming an increasing treatment option to help patients manage chronic illnesses such as cancer, cancer-related pain, hemophilia, immune deficiencies, Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and more. Traditional infusion settings have been struggling to keep up with demand, while at-home infusion therapy presents its own challenges. The downstream effects are making an already arduous care journey with multiple visits, harder and requiring patient trade-offs between quality, convenience and cost.

Simplifying infusion care for you and your patients

Uptiv Health aims to reshape the experience for millions of Americans who rely on specialty infusion treatments by bringing together the best of both worlds– quality, in-person infusion therapy with convenient, personalized virtual care management services. Uptiv Health is taking a patient-centric approach– offering appointments after working hours and convenient scheduling for patients, 24/7 access to healthcare staff via the Uptiv Health app, and additional services to reduce cost of care, improve patient experience and support patients’ overall well-being.

Uptiv Health is composed of an integrated team of experts and clinicians, including FNPs, RNs, nutritionists and behavioral health specialists. Patients experience the same highly qualified staff at Uptiv Health as they would encounter in hospital settings, with the additional benefit of receiving infusion therapy in a comfortable environment where patients are the complete focus. Uptiv Health offers private infusion suites, wifi, flat-screen TVs w/ access to streaming services, weekend availability and transparent upfront pricing.


Uptiv Health is in-network in Michigan, and its flagship infusion care center in Westland, Michigan is open for referrals. The center will hold its Grand Opening Event on August 30. 

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