Twin Health Secures $52M to Expand Whole Body Digital Twin Tech –

Twin Health Secures M to Expand Whole Body Digital Twin Tech –
Twin Health Secures M to Expand Whole Body Digital Twin Tech –

What You Should Know:

  • Twin Health, creators of the Whole Body Digital Twin™ service for reversing, improving, and preventing chronic metabolic diseases, announced securing $50 million in funding to continue expanding its groundbreaking technology and clinical service solutions for more members across the United States.
  • Twin Health introduced the Whole Body Digital Twin, a dynamic model of each individual’s unique metabolism, powered by artificial intelligence, that is built from thousands of data points collected daily via wearable sensors, clinical lab parameters, and self-reported preferences.

Technology-Driven Clinical Service Solutions

The Whole Body Digital Twin, offered through an user-friendly app by Twin Health, provides personalized guidance on nutrition, sleep, activity, and stress through a licensed clinical care team. Chronic metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes, affecting 60% of Americans and 415 million people globally, are a growing concern. Twin Health’s patented technology addresses the unique challenges posed by individual metabolism breakdowns, offering precise insights and recommendations. 

The solution is available through employer and health plan partnerships, reaching over 4 million lives. Notably, Twin Health conducted the world’s first randomized controlled trial (RCT) using digital twin technology, demonstrating significant reductions in HbA1c, diabetes medication use, weight loss, and normalization of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The RCT, now in its third year, shows sustained positive health outcomes.

“Today, a large and growing number of people around the world are suffering from chronic metabolic disease including type-2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity. Twin’s innovative approach combines advanced technology, machine learning, and compassionate care to change the lives of these people. It allows people to take control of their health and reverse these metabolic diseases, including type-2 diabetes, while also eliminating the need for high-cost medications. Twin is delivering on its promise of happier and healthier people with significant cost savings to households and employer healthcare plans. A step forward for humanity.” said Kevin Johnson, former CEO of Starbucks, who is on Twin Health’s board of directors.

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