TREND Health Acquires Advent for AI-Powered Healthcare Payment Accuracy

TREND Health Acquires Advent for AI-Powered Healthcare Payment Accuracy

What You Should Know:

TREND Health Partners, a rapidly growing provider of AI-driven solutions, has acquired Advent Health Partners, an AI-driven platform identifies and standardizes clinical attributes from itemized bills and medical records, expediting critical information presentation and ensuring timely and appropriate reimbursement.

– This strategic combination brings together two industry powerhouses, creating a comprehensive platform for payers and providers seeking to optimize revenue and streamline operations.

Synergy through Expertise and Technology

Founded in 2010, Advent boasts CAVO®, a proprietary AI-powered platform specializing in medical record review for revenue cycle and payment integrity processes. This expertise aligns perfectly with TREND’s existing TRENDConnect platform, enabling seamless integration of clinical and non-clinical data and analytics. This holistic approach promises even greater value for clients, addressing a wider range of challenges in areas like denials management, utilization management, and DRG reviews.

Enhanced Value for Payers and Providers

The combined entity will serve over 50 health plans and nearly 1,000 hospitals, offering substantial benefits to both sides of the healthcare equation:

– Payers: Improved reimbursement accuracy, reduced administrative costs, and enhanced transparency in provider billing practices.

– Providers: Streamlined claim submission and processing, faster turnaround times, and clearer understanding of payer expectations.

AI-Powered Payment Accuracy

The TREND-Advent merger signifies a significant step forward in the evolution of healthcare payment accuracy. By leveraging AI and collaborative approaches, this combined entity is poised to transform the industry, ensuring fairer reimbursement, smoother operations, and ultimately, better care for patients.

“Rarely do you come across two companies with such complementary capabilities and aligned visions as what we found with TREND and Advent. CAVO® will help us extend our existing platform, TRENDConnect, to solve an even broader set of challenges for our payer and provider clients. We are very excited to welcome the Advent team into our organization,” said Sarah Armstrong, CEO of TREND.

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