Teladoc Health & Microsoft Expands Generative AI Integration

Teladoc Health & Microsoft Expands Generative AI Integration
Teladoc Health & Microsoft Expands Generative AI Integration

What You Should Know:

Teladoc Health today announced an integration expansion with Microsoftleveraging AI to help minimize administrative burden and identify potential hazards.

– The integrated solutions will enhance the power of our Solo platform for hospitals and health systems to better support the clinical workforce. These innovations powered by Microsoft AI tools will minimize administrative burden by automating clinical documentation during virtual and in-patient care.

– Teladoc Health first collaborated with Microsoft in 2021 to streamline the technology and administrative processes associated with providing virtual care, integrating the company’s Solo platform within Microsoft Teams and as a strategic partner expanding virtual health capabilities for Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

Expanded Teladoc & Microsoft Integration

The expanded collaboration will integrate Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Azure Cognitive Services, and the Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience™ (DAX™) into the Teladoc Health Solo™ platform. The integrated solutions will automate the creation of clinical documentation during virtual exams to help ease the burden on the healthcare workforce while improving the quality of shared medical information and the care it supports.

Nuance DAX Express Integration

The Teladoc Health Medical Group also plans to use Nuance DAX Express for care visits provided directly by Teladoc Health. When integrated into the Teladoc Health Solo platform, Nuance DAXan ambient clinical documentation solution, will automatically document patient encounters accurately and efficiently at the point of care for final clinician review and signoff. As a result, clinicians can interact with patients more naturally and conversationally without the need to look away to type notes during a telehealth visit.

“Adding Nuance DAX and DAX Express into the Teladoc Health ecosystem represents the type of collaborative innovation needed to serve the rapidly changing needs of clinician’s and patients across the care continuum,” said Diana Nole, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Healthcare at Nuance, a Microsoft company. “It addresses the pressing challenge of reducing clinicians’ administrative workloads in some of the most demanding and dynamic care environments in healthcare. Moreover, it combines the efficiency and advanced power of conversational, ambient and generative AI to give physicians the tools and information they need to provide timely, high-quality, reassuring and personalized care in any location, especially in urgent and virtual care circumstances when patients need it the most.”

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