Suki Establishes Center of Excellence with Allied Digestive Health –

Suki Establishes Center of Excellence with Allied Digestive Health –
Suki Establishes Center of Excellence with Allied Digestive Health –

What You Should Know:

  •  Suki, a leading provider of voice artificial intelligence-powered healthcare solutions, today announces a partnership with Allied Digestive Health (ADH), the third-largest gastroenterology organization in the country.
  • Comprised of over 200 gastroenterologists, pathologists, anesthesiologists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, ADH will become a Center of Excellence for Suki to help set best practices on how AI can most effectively be used in the gastroenterology field. This partnership serves as a significant milestone in achieving the companies’ shared goals of providing clinicians with cutting-edge technologies to improve care and drive efficacy that lowers organizational costs. 

Revolutionizing Healthcare with AI Integration and Sufi Partnership

ADH is at the forefront of embracing innovative technologies, utilizing AI to automate coding processes and identify research subjects. The organization has invested significantly in a top-notch digital patient experience, featuring online appointment scheduling and billing. ADH plans to expand its suite of AI solutions to enhance care, improve provider experience, and optimize financial performance. 

The integration of Suki, an AI clinical assistant, streamlines tasks like documentation and coding within providers’ workflows. Suki’s ambient note-generation capabilities have benefited ADH, saving clinicians time during patient-clinician conversations and resulting in increased billing for E/M Level 4 encounters. This partnership underscores ADH’s dedication to empowering clinicians with cutting-edge AI tools and contributes to Suki’s success in advancing AI solutions in healthcare. Suki’s extensive network of 200+ healthcare organizations further emphasizes its goal of making healthcare technology seamless and supportive for clinicians, enabling them to prioritize patient care.

“ADH is committed to creating an exceptional experience for the patient and physicians. Suki addresses the immense burnout our physicians feel from inputting data into the EHRs – Suki’s integration with our EHR makes that process seamless. As a result, our physicians can focus 

their energies on patient care, in turn creating a better experience for our patients,” said Sap Sinha, Chief Operating Officer of Allied Health MSO. 

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