Steve Jobs’ Son Launches $200M Fund to Fight Against Cancer

Steve Jobs’ Son Launches 0M Fund to Fight Against Cancer
Steve Jobs’ Son Launches 0M Fund to Fight Against Cancer

 Reed Jobs of Yosemite

What You Should Know:

  • Reed Jobs – the son of Steve Jobs today announced the launch of his new venture capital (VC) investment fund, Yosemite, spun out from Emerson Collective Health with an oversubscribed $200M+ first close.
  • Yosemite aims to meaningfully accelerate the technology, treatments, and standard of care that have the power to improve the health and lives of cancer patients.
  • Composed of the Emerson Health team, Yosemite’s unique model provides no-strings-attached philanthropic grants to emerging researchers while investing in promising incubation and early-translation companies in therapeutics, diagnostics, and digital health.

Yosemite’s Global Network

Yosemite’s global network is designed to identify and fuel the most promising advances in treatment, technology, and standards of care. Strong relationships formed through grantmaking have often led academic researchers to return to the team with investment and company-creation opportunities. Yosemite brings an impressive track record of identifying emerging scientists and budding entrepreneurs on the cusp of scientific breakthroughs. Yosemite leaders have supported hundreds of researchers and invested in dozens of therapeutic and diagnostic companies across the U.S., Europe, and Israel to date.  

“We’re on a mission to lead the next chapter in the fight against cancer and forming our own standalone entity provides us the flexibility to best propel great ideas until they’re at scale,” said Reed Jobs of Yosemite. “We believe this first close demonstrates investor confidence in Yosemite’s strategy of building new companies, trust in our extensive grantee and institutional network, and value in our combined experience in shepherding new transformational cancer treatments.” 

Yosemite’s Limited Partners (LPs)

Yosemite’s Limited Partners include leading endowments, hospital systems and global family offices – such as The Rockefeller University, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) and John Doerr. Emerson Collective will be a Limited Partner in Yosemite Fund I. Going forward, Yosemite will manage the Emerson Health legacy portfolio (ECI Health Funds) as an investment advisor.  

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