Solera Launches Omni-Condition Management Platform –

Solera Launches Omni-Condition Management Platform -

What You Should Know:

  • Solera Health, the premier digital health company connecting people seamlessly and easily to solutions that work, today announced the launch of their HALO Platform, a next generation omni-condition management solution.
  • The enhanced platform represents the next step in the company’s evolution – for the first time, creating a seamless and highly flexible method for payers and employers to add and categorize their own contracted solutions to Solera’s platform and curated point solution network.

A Next Generation Omni-Condition Management Solution

Building upon Solera’s legacy of creating accountable networks of digital and community-based health solutions for chronic conditions, including digestive health, mental health, MSK, and cardiometabolic conditions, the company now offers a fully integrated platform enabling management of all Solera and non-Solera point solutions for benefits managers and carriers through single integration, streamlined reporting and consolidated operations. The HALO platform enables eligible consumers to access all relevant benefits programs and health offerings via a unified, flexible user interface, expertly guiding them to their personal, best-fit solutions.  

Payers and employers lack the time, resources, and objective reporting to manage and compare dozens of contracted point solutions – resulting in point solution fatigue and a one-size-fits all approach that lacks vendor accountability and increases healthcare spend. The HALO Platform simplifies management of those solutions and simultaneously allows access to Solera’s comprehensive condition networks with no additional technology lift, driving proven cost savings through performance-based payments and by matching to the individual’s clinical severity and behavioral preferences via proprietary Clinical AI. The platform’s single contract and integration eliminates the chaos and expense of managing point solutions individually, and HALO’s unified reporting dashboard quickly and easily assesses the effectiveness of all programs, side-by-side. 

“This represents the next stage of accountable care in the digital health space. Employers and payers have begun questioning the efficacy and cost of digital solutions. But the answer isn’t to throw the baby out with the bathwater,” said Mary Langowski, CEO at Solera Health. “HALO addresses these challenges head-on – democratizing data for transparency and accountability, so we can not only create more opportunity for innovation in the industry, but also meaningfully and cost-effectively improve consumer health.” 

The Solera HALO Platform streamlines benefits management by integrating various programs, simplifying reporting, and enhancing the online consumer experience. It also improves engagement and clinical outcomes, benefiting payers and employers.

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