Red Light Therapy Home Review: Must Read This Before Buying (RLT Home)

Red Light Therapy Home Review: Must Read This Before Buying (RLT Home)
Red Light Therapy Home Review: Must Read This Before Buying (RLT Home)

As a red light therapy expert, I’ve encountered numerous devices promising transformative health benefits. My approach to evaluating such devices is rooted in a blend of scientific scrutiny and real-world testing. The latest entrants to my evaluation process are the TotalSpectrum ULTRA and MAX panels from RLT Home, a 2023 startup focused on science backed red light therapy.

The TotalSpectrum ULTRA stands out with its full-body coverage and a rich array of seven wavelengths. This device boasts a dual-chip LED design and a high irradiance value, with measurements showing 245mW/cm² at zero distance, tapering to 160mW/cm² at 12 inches as per solar meter readings​​. Such potency is impressive, potentially enhancing deep tissue penetration and therapeutic efficacy.

The ULTRA’s certifications—FDA registration, CE, and RoHS—speak to its compliance with health, safety, and environmental standards​​. However, certifications alone don’t equate to superior performance. In practical terms, the device’s effectiveness hinges on its long-term reliability and the actual user benefits from the diverse wavelengths, which include:

  • 450nm: Targeting acne-causing bacteria.
  • 610nm, 630nm, and 660nm: Improving skin health and appearance.
  • 810nm, 830nm, and 850nm: Penetrating deeper tissues for muscle recovery and sleep enhancement​​.

The reviews are great and each speaks about their customer service, which I also valued very highly compared to other companies in the industry.

Price at publication: $2544 without stand, $2799 with manual stand, $2999 with electric stand, FREE shipping.
My rating: 4.9 out of 5
Reason for my rating: I could not find a device with this technology and power in this price range. Everything comparable was at least $800 dearer. This spa/gym grade device is a swiss army knife that can heal skin/hair/deep tissue all in one full body machine.

Moving to the TotalSpectrum MAX, we find a panel equipped with 304 LEDs and a power output that seems tailored for widespread use. Its 6-band wavelength mirrors the ULTRA sans the 450nm, maintaining a strong irradiance level of 172mW/cm² at 8 inches (solar power meter)​​. The MAX offers seven performance modes, one more than the ULTRA, which are driven by the purported benefits of red light therapy, such as muscle recovery, fat burning​​, inflammation and elderly health.

Price at publication: $1611 with stand included, FREE shipping.
My rating: 4.7 out of 5
Reason for my rating: The 6 wavelengths and 7 performance modes are a 2024 thing that this company is the first to launch. The user reviews are excellent and the device has been designed for extraordinarily great looks.

Both panels feature zero electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions and no flicker, ensuring a user-friendly experience. The voice control feature is a nod to modernity, which is a first of its kind I’ve seen in red light therapy devices. I enjoyed using it, without the worries of losing a remote, activating the device without moving from my sofa.

The performance modes of both panels are grounded in scientific principles, suggesting benefits ranging from enhanced physical performance to improved elderly health​​. I read through various customer reviews expressing positive feedback toward these performance modes. I can see why. Science backed modes make life easier for a lay-person where you don’t need to worry about settings and can rely on the success of others and trust the process. 

With various reviews applauding the TotalSpectrum series for pain relief, joint stiffness easing, hair growth, eczema/rosacia relief, it’s easy to see why performance modes are a great addition.

When placed side by side with competitors, the Red Light Therapy Home TotalSpectrum ULTRA and MAX panels distinguish themselves with their comprehensive wavelength offerings and high irradiance values. They are designed not only for home use but also for beauty and medical treatments​​. 

Now with their Ultra, you can get Spa grade red light therapy at home for under $3000, which wasn’t possible before RLT Home’s launch. The emphasis on science and on the 1500 human studies is a welcomed feature in the saturated red light therapy market.

The user experience is enhanced by thoughtful features such as multiple performance modes and advanced control options.

Yet, as with any wellness device, prospective users must weigh these features against their individual needs. While the ULTRA and MAX panels appear to be at the forefront of red light therapy technology, the decision to choose these panels should be informed by a careful consideration of personal health goals and budget. RLT Home can be contacted via phone, email or live chat and have a very responsive team.

In conclusion, my analysis of the TotalSpectrum ULTRA and MAX is one of endorsement. They exhibit many of the hallmarks of high-quality red light therapy devices. 

I recommend these panels with the provision that each potential buyer conducts thorough personal research and, if possible, speaks with the RLT Home team for a personalised analysis before a purchase. 

Not every company out there will speak with you about your personal needs, most will not even reply to your emails, and that’s where Red Light Therapy Home shines the brightest.

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