Philips Expands Enterprise Imaging Portfolio with AI-Powered Solutions

Philips Expands Enterprise Imaging Portfolio with AI-Powered Solutions

What You Should Know:

Philips, a global provider of health technology, announced the expansion of its enterprise imaging portfolio and AI-enabled solutions at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

Philips HealthSuite Imaging is a next-generation cloud-based PACS designed to help radiologists and clinicians adopt new capabilities faster, improve operational efficiency, and enhance patient care.

Key Highlights of Philips HealthSuite Imaging

  • Cloud-based deployment: HealthSuite Imaging on Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers new capabilities such as high-speed remote access for diagnostic reading, integrated reporting, and AI-enabled workflow orchestration, all delivered securely via the cloud to ease IT management burden.
  • AI-powered workflow orchestration: HealthSuite Imaging brings AI-enabled workflow orchestration with fast remote access and integrated reporting to radiologists, anytime, anywhere.
  • Enhanced clinical innovation: Philips HealthSuite Imaging diagnostic workspace streamlines study interpretation and reporting into a single seamless application, enhanced through AI, while also enabling sophisticated image processing and simplified clinical workflows.
  • Faster access to medical studies: The cloud-based nature of HealthSuite Imaging delivers faster access to medical studies from both the hospital or remote locations.
  • Reduced IT costs: Health systems can reduce on-premises hardware and IT management costs by moving to a secure, cloud-hosted storage platform.

Customer Adoption and Future Plans

Philips has already migrated over 80 sites in the U.S. and in Latin America to its HealthSuite Imaging PACS running on AWS. Other healthcare systems are now planning their migration to Philips HealthSuite Imaging to take advantage of the new AI-enabled clinical and operational workflows.

One such example of a customer that has started its transition to HealthSuite Imaging is Tufts Medicine. “Tufts Medicine continues to lead the charge in delivering industry transformation through its digital health initiatives,” said Dr. Shafiq Rab, Chief Digital and Information Officer at Tufts Medicine. “In keeping with that work, we will build an enterprise-wide integrated diagnostics platform – starting with cloud-enabled radiology PACS, while ensuring the highest standards of clinical quality and data security, as part of a strategic partnership with Philips.”

Collaboration with AWS for AI Innovation

Philips will continue to work with AWS to innovate on behalf of radiologists and advance AI in healthcare by applying foundation models. Using Amazon Bedrock, Philips is exploring clinical workflow applications across its portfolio in order to automate administrative tasks and enable more accurate diagnoses.

“The pace of customer migration to Philips HealthSuite Imaging highlights the value of cloud-enabled PACS in meeting the demands of modern day radiology departments”, said Shez Partovi, Chief Business Leader Enterprise Informatics at Philips. “HealthSuite Imaging brings AI-enabled workflow orchestration with fast remote access and integrated reporting to radiologists, anytime, anywhere.”

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