PE Firm Novacap Invests in Harmony Healthcare IT to Advance Healthcare Data Management

What You Should Know:

Harmony Healthcare IT (HHIT), a provider of health data management and platform solutions, has announced a significant investment from Novacap, a private equity firm.

– This strategic partnership will fuel HHIT’s technological advancements and expansion within the health information technology (HIT) sector.

Transforming Healthcare Delivery through Data-Driven Innovation

HealthData Platform™ enables a higher quality of coordinated care and information access for healthcare organizations and their patients by seamlessly integrating with leading inpatient and outpatient electronic health record (EHR) systems. HHIT also provides a comprehensive suite of data management services, including data extraction, migration, retention, matching, and integration, as well as records release.

Expanding Healthcare’s Impact Globally

In partnership with Novacap, HHIT is exploring new data handling and data use innovations aimed at accelerating the company’s growth and expanding its impact on healthcare globally. HHIT currently serves a large customer base that includes top-tier health systems, independent hospitals, and ambulatory networks, demonstrating its proficiency in working with a wide range of clinical, financial, and administrative legacy systems.

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