PayZen Launches Care Card with Geisinger & UTMB –

PayZen Launches Care Card with Geisinger & UTMB –
PayZen Launches Care Card with Geisinger & UTMB –

What You Should Know:

  • PayZen, a healthcare focused fintech company tackling healthcare affordability with AI-powered patient affordability solutions, today announced the release of its newest product, the PayZen Care Card, with its major launch partners Geisinger and University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB). 
  • PayZen uses advanced technology to solve healthcare affordability end-to-end, leading to happier, healthier patients, and improved financial outcomes for providers. PayZen’s award winning, data-driven, personalized payment plans, ease the financial burden for patients post-care.
  • PayZen’s latest product, the Care Card, gives healthcare consumers all the benefits of PayZen’s post-service payment plans in the form of a physical and virtual debit card for convenient use at point-of-care, or for recurring care scenarios. The Care Card addresses the growing problem of patients putting off care due to cost, improving healthcare access and providing financial peace of mind for consumers. The Care Card’s automated payment plans are customized for each individual using PayZen’s healthcare AI technology, which instantly analyzes over 30,000 data points to present a monthly installment plan that is highly tailored to the patient’s financial circumstances and ability to pay. Patients never pay interest and can use the same card for all out-of-pocket expenses with their provider. Each card will arrive automatically activated, and synced to the corresponding PayZen account. Patients will be able to use the Care Card at all of their provider’s portals, check-out flow, or POS systems just like a normal debit card. It will also come equipped with contactless “tap” (NFC) capabilities for convenience and an EMV chip for security. 

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