ONC Launches Platform for Organizing and Building USCDI+ Datasets

ONC Launches Platform for Organizing and Building USCDI+ Datasets
ONC Launches Platform for Organizing and Building USCDI+ Datasets

What You Should Know:

– Today, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) has officially launched a new platform dedicated to organizing and building USCDI+ datasets.

– This user-friendly platform, located at https://uscdiplus.healthit.gov, provides a central location for accessing and exploring all USCDI+ datasets across various domains.

Enhanced User Experience and Powerful Tools

The new platform boasts several improvements over previous data collection and review tools. Users now have access to more powerful features, allowing them to:

Compare, analyze, and harmonize USCDI+ datasets: Gain valuable insights by viewing data elements across different datasets and identifying opportunities for alignment.

Filter and export data elements: Easily refine your search by applying filters based on specific criteria, such as USCDI version, vocabulary standards, and US Core Profiles.

Reduce duplicate submissions: Advanced logic helps minimize redundant data elements, streamlining the submission process.

Access additional resources: Find helpful guides and documentation directly on the platform.

Public Health Use Cases: Case Reporting and Laboratory Data Exchange

Coinciding with the platform launch, ONC welcomes data element submissions and feedback for two USCDI+ Public Health use cases: Case Reporting and Laboratory Data Exchange. While all feedback is valuable, specific questions are provided to guide your comments, which will be accepted until March 4, 2024. Updated datasets will be released in late Spring. Stay tuned for details on upcoming listening sessions with relevant stakeholders.

Driving Better Health through Data

The USCDI+ program plays a crucial role in achieving ONC’s mission of improving health and care through data access, exchange, and utilization. By establishing, harmonizing, and advancing the use of interoperable data elements beyond the core USCDI, USCDI+ enables the following:

– Building upon the USCDI foundation: Extensions leverage the existing core USCDI framework, ensuring consistency and interoperability.

– Alignment with data standards and taxonomies: Promotes consistency and reduces redundancy across various programs and use cases.

– Improved alignment of data needs: Creates opportunities for coordinated efforts and shared resources.

Get Started with USCDI+

Contribute to the USCDI+ program by submitting data elements or providing feedback. Simply create an account at https://uscdiplus.healthit.gov and explore the platform’s comprehensive features.

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