Nascentia Health Enhances Aging in Place with Biofourmis’ Connected Care Platform

Nascentia Health Enhances Aging in Place with Biofourmis' Connected Care Platform

What You Should Know:

Nascentia Health, a provider of in-home care and insurance services in Central New York, is taking care-at-home to the next level with a strategic partnership with Biofourmis, a global leader in technology-enabled care delivery.

– The strategic collaboration aims to empower older adults to age safely and comfortably in their own homes while reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions and improving overall healthcare outcomes.

Key Benefits of the Partnership

– Reduced Hospital Readmissions and Length of Stay: Biofourmis’ connected platform will help Nascentia Health deliver more effective care management, leading to better patient outcomes and a reduction in costly hospital readmissions and extended hospital stays.

– Higher Patient Acuity and Multi-Disease Support: The platform’s flexibility and advanced capabilities will allow Nascentia Health to safely manage patients with multiple chronic conditions and higher acuity levels in the comfort of their own homes.

– Seamless Transition from Hospital to Home: Biofourmis’ technology will provide additional monitoring, support, and tasks, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transition for patients moving from hospital care back to their homes.

– Expanding Care-at-Home Offerings: Nascentia Health plans to leverage the Biofourmis platform to launch new care-at-home programs, starting with hospital-level care, followed by early-discharge services and chronic condition management.

Partnership Impact

This partnership aligns with the growing desire of older adults to age in place, as evidenced by the 2022 University of Michigan National Poll on Healthy Aging, which found that 88% of adults ages 50-80 want to stay in their homes as long as possible. Biofourmis’ technology, coupled with Nascentia Health’s extensive experience and expertise, has the potential to revolutionize care-at-home for older adults in Central New York and beyond.

“Tech-enabled care-at-home is helping achieve clinical and economic goals across the healthcare ecosystem and patients have consistently reported high satisfaction levels from routine virtual visits all the way up to hospital-level care,” said Maulik Majmudar, MD, Biofourmis chief medical officer and co-founder. “We are looking forward to supporting Nascentia Health as it expands its outstanding care-at-home services through our flexible, scalable market-leading solution that will enable more patients to receive high-quality care and stay healthier longer in the place they want to be.”

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