Michigan Expands Access to Philips Avent Pregnancy+ App

Michigan Expands Access to Philips Avent Pregnancy+ App for Medicaid Mothers

What You Should Know:

– Michigan is taking a major step forward in improving maternal and infant health by expanding access to the Philips Avent Pregnancy+ mobile app for Medicaid-eligible families.

– The public-private partnership between the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) and Royal Philips addresses the U.S. maternal mortality crisis and creates a more equitable healthcare system.

Connecting Families to Resources and Education

The Pregnancy+ app provides valuable resources and education for pregnant women and families, including:

  • Home visiting programs: Connecting families to evidence-based programs proven to improve maternal and infant health outcomes.
  • Educational content: Access to information on breastfeeding, tobacco cessation, vaccination, and safe sleep practices.
  • State and local resources: Discovering support available through Michigan-specific programs and services.

Impactful Results and Expansion Plans

In its first year, the app has already reached over 32,000 Michigan families, with nearly 80% of users reporting increased awareness of available resources. This success has led to:

  • Over 1,000 Medicaid-eligible individuals connecting with home visiting programs.
  • 50% of users accessing state or local resources after learning about them in the app.

The expansion will now provide Medicaid-eligible families with premium content, including:

  • Audio/video courses on mental health, nutrition, yoga, finance, and other important topics.
  • Information about Medicaid renewals to ensure continued coverage.

Setting the Standard for Maternal and Infant Health

Michigan’s initiative sets a powerful example for other states. Dana Medema, Head of Personal Health at Philips North America, states, “By leveraging the Pregnancy+ app, Michigan is setting the bar in advancing maternal and infant health during pregnancy and afterward.” This partnership demonstrates the effectiveness of public-private collaborations in addressing critical healthcare challenges.

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