Medmo Secures $9M to Streamline Medical Imaging –

Medmo Secures M to Streamline Medical Imaging –
Medmo Secures M to Streamline Medical Imaging –

What You Should Know:

  • Medical imaging technology company Medmo announced a $9 million funding round led by Lerer Hippeau,alongside existing investors Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP)C2 Ventures and Stone IsraVentures.
  • In addition, an array of notable angel investors participated, including Elliot Cohen, founder of PillPack (acquired by Amazon), and Klara (acquired by ModMed) Co-founders Simon Bolz and Dr. Simon Lorenz. The additional financing will be used to further accelerate the company’s rapid expansion and platform development.

Enhancing Efficiency, Improving Outcomes, and Reducing Costs in Healthcare

Medical imaging plays a crucial role in healthcare, encompassing preventive care, diagnosis, and treatment. However, the current operational model in the market is outdated, expensive, and poses challenges for both patients and healthcare providers. Consequently, nearly 40 percent of imaging orders face delays or remain incomplete, resulting in compromised patient outcomes, diminished quality scores for providers, and missed appointments at imaging centers. Medmo addresses these issues by empowering all stakeholders to take charge of the care journey through the seamless scheduling of various imaging exams such as MRIs, CTs, Mammograms, Ultrasounds, and X-Rays.

Medmo seamlessly integrates into existing healthcare systems’ workflows, demonstrating its practical effectiveness across diverse healthcare settings. It consistently achieves improved patient outcomes, bridges gaps in care, and contributes to an overall reduction in healthcare costs. The company has expanded its reach nationwide, providing support to a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from traditional primary care groups to large multi-specialty health systems and virtual health groups.

“Medical imaging is especially challenging to coordinate and contains additional layers of complexity for both patients and providers. Providers often lose visibility once a patient leaves the office, while their staff spend time tracking down critical information by phone and fax,” said Lucas Takahashi, co-founder and CEO of Medmo. “Our platform facilitates the process from start to finish, allowing providers to track patient journeys and close the loop on care. This leads to better patient outcomes and less administrative burden on staff.”

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