MedCity Pivot Podcast: A dialog with Renee Ryan, CEO of Cala Well being


Wearables were a huge fad a few years ago but they largely didn’t get sustained adoption once the novelty factor wore off. Many direct-to-consumer wearables soon began to develop programs specifically targeted toward the healthcare industry.

But Cala Health never belonged to that genre of healthcare wearables. It was developed by Kate Rosenbluth, a neuroscientist who came up with the idea of attacking neurological disorders through a wearable device that can use nerve stimulation as a means of therapy for movement disorders like essential tremor. Having founded the company and led it as CEO, Rosenbluth bowed out of that role and transferred the reins to an investor in the company in 2019. Renee Ryan has been leading Cala since late 2019 and in this episode talked about how the therapy works and Cala Health’s goals.

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