Medable & Pluto Health Partner to Increase Patient Access to Clinical Trials

Medable & Pluto Health Partner to Increase Patient Access to Clinical Trials
Medable & Pluto Health Partner to Increase Patient Access to Clinical Trials

What You Should Know: 

Medable Inc., a technology provider for modern clinical trials forms an enterprise partnership with Pluto Health, a smart care coordination services company. 

– The partnership brings together two best-in-class technology solutions in healthcare to streamline clinical trial execution, improve data quality in trials, and enhance the patient experience from study start and long after the trial is over. 

Optimize Patient Experience and Improve Access to Clinical Trials

The success of a clinical trial depends on its ability to enroll a prespecified and representative number of study participants within a planned time frame while ensuring quality data is collected to meet study objectives. However, due to increasing protocol complexity, stricter inclusion/ exclusion criteria and manual data capture, clinical trials remain too slow and costly to help many patients – especially patients whose best potential treatment option is a trial.

Medable and Pluto Health’s combined technologies will streamline enrollment and retention efforts by supporting the patient experience while facilitating easier recruitment and monitoring. Patients will benefit from additional support that optimizes engagement along their care journey; clinical research sites will increase productivity with a data-driven, digitized screening process; and trial sponsors will improve cost efficiency and speed study execution. In addition to patient enrollment, the Medable-Pluto Health partnership will make it easier for study teams to access relevant patient information and improve data quality as well as facilitate seamless, long-term follow-up with patients post-trial. Further, patents will be able to opt-in to receive real-time notifications of medically relevant future clinical trial opportunities.

“Our partnership is primarily a win for patients, alongside other stakeholders, who will benefit from ongoing enhanced support,” said Dr. Joy Bhosai, Pluto Health’s CEO and Founder. “Pluto is passionate about improving patient care in communities and designing systems that deliver resources for patients to manage health needs over time, especially if they are going through a clinical trial as part of a care option. We are excited for what the future holds with Medable.”

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