Lucid Hearing and Independa Launch World’s First Smart TV-Based Hearing Assessment on LG Smart TVs

Lucid Hearing and Independa Launch World's First Smart TV-Based Hearing Assessment on LG Smart TVs

What You Should Know:

Lucid Hearinga provider of holistic hearing healthcare, and Independaan award-winning software platform providing remote engagement, education, and care, today announced the launch of the world’s first smart TV-based hearing assessments. The announcement marks the first-of-a-kind offering to improve accessibility and promote better hearing health for all Americans.

– The partnership’s breakthrough technology is available on all 2021 or newer LG Smart TVs and enables users to assess their hearing for free from the comfort of their own home using the Independa Health Hub®.

LG Smart TV Hearing Assessment Overview

The LG Smart TV assessment will offer users a personalized experience, providing tailored results and guiding users to the type of assistance they need. If the assessment reveals no hearing loss, the user will be guided to consider hearing protection through etymotic.coma division of Lucid Hearing.  For those individuals whose results reveal mild to moderate hearing loss, Lucid Hearing will recommend over-the-counter hearing aids, which would be conveniently delivered to their homes without a trip to an audiologist.  And for those with an indication of severe hearing loss, a free hearing test with an audiologist is made available, at the nearest Lucid Hearing Center in a Sam’s Club location.

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