Lucem Health Secures $7.7M for Agnostic AI-Powered Platform

Lucem Health Secures .7M for Agnostic AI-Powered Platform
Lucem Health Secures .7M for Agnostic AI-Powered Platform

Lucem Health Secures $7.7M for Agnostic AI-Powered Platform

What You Should Know:

  • Light Healtha Mayo Clinic Platform portfolio company, has closed a Series A venture capital funding round of $7.7M led by Mayo Clinic, Granger Management and Mercy (St Louis).
  • Lucem Health helps clinical AI innovators transform data science into innovative, trusted solutions that can detect diseases earlier and optimize care delivery, positively impacting patient lives, improving the physician and provider experience, and ultimately producing improved outcomes.

How Lucem AI Platform Works

The Lucem Health Platform takes data from any source, normalizes and connects it to any AI model or algorithm, and delivers the resulting predictive insights seamlessly into existing clinical workflows. By embedding seamlessly into PACS, EHRsand other data-driven workflows, the Lucem Health Platform makes it easier for hospitals, clinics, and physician practices to build, train, and scale AI models using their own data.

Expansion Plans

The funding will be used to advance development of Lucem Health’s platform for clinical AI solution deployment, grow the company’s solution portfolio and expand its sales and marketing capacity. The company recently launched Lucem Health Reveal, a family of solutions which uses AI and existing data to identify patients at higher risk of serious or chronic disease.

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“AI has tremendous potential to transform and augment how physicians and providers practice medicine, make decisions and serve their patients. Yet, so far, we have barely scratched the surface of AI’s potential in healthcare,” said Sean Cassidy, founding CEO of Lucem Health. “We started Lucem Health to accelerate integration of powerful AI-generated insights into care delivery workflows in a thoughtful, responsible way. In a challenging market for raising capital, we appreciate our investors’ confidence and support.”

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