LG Launches Patient Engagement Boards for Hospital Rooms

LG Launches Patient Engagement Boards for Hospital Rooms

What You Should Know: 

  • LG Business Solutions USA launches a new line of “Patient Engagement Boards” that empower hospitals to outfit patient rooms with crisp high-definition screens for displaying patient information such as their name, schedule, a list of caregivers, native language and more. 
  • The new Patient Engagement Boards are now available in a 43-inch UHD model and 32-inch FHD model, featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, offering optimized solutions and simplified installation for diverse patient room needs.

LG Patient Engagement Board Overview

The LG Patient Engagement Boards (ML5K-B Series) are designed to improve experiences for patients and caregivers while simplifying operations for administrators and IT staff. The 32-inch model can be rapidly deployed utilizing POE without the exhaustive approval process commonly associated with modifying a room’s electrical components. Convenience is further enhanced by each display’s automatic brightness sensor, which ensures viewing comfort by matching ambient light levels throughout the day.

Both models can be wall-mounted vertically or horizontally using 200×200 VESA mounts. And both displays feature LG IPS panels and offer up to 50,000 hours of life, making them ideal for 24/7 use. Integrated stereo speakers further simplify deployment and provide flexibility to host a variety of content. The 43-inch 43ML5K-B offers a typical brightness of 500 nits and has a 25 percent haze treatment that reduces glare, while the 32-inch 32ML5K-B provides 400 nits through standard power, and 200 nits through PoE. 

“As hospitals continue to digitize more and more of their operations, in-room displays provide patients and caregivers with greater legibility and infinitely more flexibility than analog white boards,” said Tom Mottlau, LG Business Solutions USA Healthcare Director. “Our patient engagement development partners have utilized the powerful LG webOS 6.0 platform to develop intuitive applications that can allow hospitals to eliminate handwritten notes and the difficulties that can arise from illegible writing or unclear instructions. These enhancements can improve communications and patient trust, resulting in better overall experiences.”

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