Laguna Health Launches Caregiver Companion App

Laguna Health Launches Caregiver Companion App
Laguna Health Launches Caregiver Companion App

What You Should Know:

– Laguna Health, an AI-powered care management platform launched its Caregiver Companion app, a fully-digital care experience for caregivers supporting patients throughout their post-hospital care journeys.

– The app provides caregivers with greater visibility into the patient’s care pathway and access to the patient’s digital-first care team so caregivers can more easily manage the health and well-being of patients. 

Increase Access and Visibility into Care Journeys

Caregivers can download the Laguna Health Caregiver Companion app onto their phones, where they can chat and schedule appointments, view to-do items, and see all other details associated with the patient’s care pathway, including medication information and an associated schedule. They can also communicate directly with the patient’s care manager to discuss any questions and share updates about their care as needed. 

“Patients increasingly require assistance with at-home caregivers to ensure a safe transition from hospitals and complex care settings to the home to improve outcomes and decrease readmissions. However, these caregivers need more support in navigating care journeys since most lack medical and long-term care management experience,” said Yoni Shtein, co-founder and CEO of Laguna Health. “The Caregiver Companion app streamlines communication and provides helpful information and instructions to empower caregivers so they can focus on providing the best care possible to patients.” 

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