Iron Health Launches with $4.5M to Empower OB/GYNs

Iron Health Launches with .5M to Empower OB/GYNs
Iron Health Launches with .5M to Empower OB/GYNs

FemTech Startup Iron Health Launches with $4.5M to Empower OB/GYNs

What You Should Know:

– Built at Redesign Health, Iron Healththe tech-enabled, virtual care partner that empowers OB/GYNs and their patients today announced its official launch with $4.5 million in seed investment.

– March of Dimes both contributed funds to Iron Health as part of its seed as its first investment from its first Innovation Fund but is also a partner resource for the startup.  Iron Health addresses the fragmentation between OB/GYN, primary, specialty, behavioral, and wellness care- while providing OB/GYNs a full spectrum view of their patient’s health.

– Iron Health is launching its services in direct partnership with OB/GYN practices and healthcare systems. To learn more about the benefits Iron Health provides to providers, health systems and patients.

Breaking the glass ceiling in women’s healthcare

Iron Health is a tech-enabled, virtual care partner that complements a woman’s existing care network. Iron Health’s unique approach allows OB/GYNs to focus on their specialty, while patients benefit from an extended Care Team and a comprehensive, connected healthcare experience.

– Faster access to primary and specialty care: Iron Health alleviates OB/GYN capacity constraints with a virtual network of multidisciplinary providers, bridging gaps across the health journey to provide patients with timely access to primary and specialty care.

– Connected patient journey: Iron Health’s click-and-mortar hybrid model breaks down care silos, providing holistic care for women who want a single medical home centered around their OB/GYN care.

– Patient-centric experience: Each patient benefits from a dedicated Iron Health Care Team of providers who deliver primary care, behavioral health, and other healthcare services, conveniently accessible through virtual visits and direct messaging.

– Deep healthcare expertise and network: The Iron Health founding team has rich experience across clinical practice, health technology, patient engagement, and entrepreneurship. Leveraging March of Dimes’ clinical experts, research, educational content, and market reach, Iron Health can create more immediate and scalable social impact that improves the health outcomes and care gaps for all women.

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