iRhythm Launches Wearable ECG Heart Monitor –

iRhythm Launches Wearable ECG Heart Monitor –
iRhythm Launches Wearable ECG Heart Monitor –

What You Should Know:

  • iRhythm Technologies, Inc. today announced the U.S. launch of its next-generation Zio® monitor and enhanced Zio® long-term continuous monitoring (LTCM) service.
  • Zio monitor is iRhythm’s smallest, lightest and thinnest cardiac monitor, enhancing the cardiac monitoring experience for patients and healthcare providers together with new service enhancements. The new Zio monitor is a prescription-only ECG monitor, which is an integral part of the Zio LTCM service. The Zio LTCM service consists of a patch ECG monitoring device (Zio monitor), the ZEUS (Zio ECG Utilization Software) System – iRhythm’s advanced AI algorithm which supports the capture and analysis of ECG data recorded by Zio monitor – and a comprehensive end-of-wear report which is reviewed by certified cardiographic technicians. This end of wear report has a 99% physician agreement.

Improving Long-Term Continuous Monitoring Modalities for Better Cardiac Outcomes

“We’ve made our best product even better – early clinical and patient experience shows that Zio monitor has even better wear times, comfort and patient experience,” said Mintu Turakhia, MD, MAS, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice President, Product Innovation at iRhythm. “When you combine our new Zio monitor with our advanced AI, efficient workflow, patient and clinician apps, and easy-to-read and actionable clinical reports, we continue to lead the way in the field.”

The Zio monitor aims to enhance diagnostic accuracy and provider efficiency while providing an improved patient experience with extended wear for up to 14 days. It builds upon the successful Zio® XT monitor with the following key features:

  1. Enhanced Patient Comfort: It boasts a 23% thinner, 62% lighter, and 72% smaller form-factor compared to its predecessor, weighing less than a pencil.
  2. Consistent Patient Adherence: The Zio monitor maintains an impressive 99% patient compliance with prescribed wear times, ensuring healthcare providers can achieve accurate diagnoses on the first attempt.
  3. User-Friendly Design: Its design incorporates breathability, a hydrocolloid adhesive, and a waterproof housing. Moreover, it requires no device or adhesive manipulation or battery replacement throughout the entire 14-day wear and monitoring period.

iRhythm is launching a redesigned MyZio® patient app alongside the new Zio monitor. The app offers a better user experience with easier symptom tracking, educational content, and an improved help center. iRhythm is also enhancing patient support for insurance-related inquiries. These updates aim to elevate the overall experience for patients and clinics using the Zio service. 

iRhythm’s FDA-cleared AI employs a highly accurate deep-learned algorithm, matching the precision of expert cardiologists. The CAMELOT study, presented at the American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session, encompassing 287,789 patients, revealed that the Zio long-term continuous monitoring (LTCM) service, prescribed for up to 14 days, offers the highest diagnostic accuracy, lowest retesting rate, and the lowest likelihood of acute care hospitalization compared to all other monitoring services, including long-term continuous monitors.

The Zio LTCM service aids physicians in the identification, diagnosis, and management of cardiac arrhythmias. Approximately 5% of the U.S. population, nearly 16 million people, experience arrhythmias. Left untreated, these conditions can harm vital organs, increase stroke and mortality risk. Timely detection and treatment are crucial to reducing the cardiac disease burden.

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