Intuitive Ventures Closes $150M Fund to Fuel Minimally Invasive Care

Intuitive Ventures Raises $150M to Fuel Revolution in Minimally Invasive Care

What You Should Know:

Intuitive Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund dedicated to reimagining minimally invasive care, announced the close of its second fund at $150M.

– The funding signifies their unwavering commitment to supporting visionary founders who are transforming healthcare through precision diagnostics, secure digital ecosystems, and improved access to coordinated care.

Building on a Strong Foundation

In 2020, Intuitive Ventures launched its inaugural fund of $100M, igniting a spark in the minimally invasive care landscape. Since then, the team has strategically invested in over 10 promising startups, fostering innovation and driving positive change across the care continuum. Fund II builds upon this success, doubling the available capital and amplifying the impact of Intuitive Ventures’ mission.

Investing in Three Key Pillars

Fund II will focus on three core areas that hold immense potential for revolutionizing healthcare:

– Improving access and coordination: Making efficient, cost-effective, and accessible care a reality for all.

– Precision diagnostics and interventions: Leveraging the convergence of MedTech, life sciences, and therapeutics for more precise diagnoses and targeted interventions.

– Secure, enriched digital ecosystems: Unlocking the power of healthcare data to enhance minimally invasive care through secure and insightful platforms.

Experienced Leadership for the Future

Leading the charge into this next chapter is Murielle Thinard McLane, a seasoned operator and executive with over two decades of experience building and scaling successful ventures. McLane takes over the reins from Oliver Keown MD, who will transition into a Venture Partner role to continue supporting existing and future investments while pursuing his own entrepreneurial aspirations.

“It’s an honor to lead Intuitive Ventures during this exciting phase of growth,” says Thinard McLane. “We are passionate about providing value-add partnerships, strategic insights, and unwavering support to our portfolio companies. With Fund II, we will amplify our impact and further accelerate the creation of innovative solutions that pave the way for a future of exceptional minimally invasive care.”

Intuitive Ventures: More Than Just Capital

Beyond financial backing, Intuitive Ventures offers its portfolio companies a unique advantage: direct access to the vast network and expertise of Intuitive Surgical. This invaluable connection opens doors to technical resources, commercialization opportunities, and unparalleled industry knowledge. It’s this combination of capital, strategic guidance, and industry immersion that empowers their portfolio companies to reach their full potential and revolutionize patient care.

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