iCAD, Google Health Expand Integration for AI Breast Cancer Screening

iCAD, Google Health Expand Integration for AI Breast Cancer Screening
iCAD, Google Health Expand Integration for AI Breast Cancer Screening

What You Should Know: 

  • iCAD, Inc., a global medical technology leader providing innovative cancer detection and therapy solutions, today announced it signed an amendment to its development and commercialization agreement with Google Health, which will enable iCAD to integrate Google’s AI technology with its ProFound Breast Health Suite Secondlook for 2D Mammography for use worldwide upon regulatory approval as an independent reader for breast cancer screening for 20 years.
  • iCAD signed a strategic development and commercialization agreement with Google Health in November 2022 to integrate Google’s AI technology into iCAD’s leading-edge portfolio of breast imaging AI solutions, including ProFound Detection.

AI Breast Cancer Screening

iCAD’s Breast AI Suite offers a comprehensive portfolio of clinically proven technologies for breast cancer detection, automated breast density assessment, and short-term personalized risk evaluation. SecondLook® for 2D Mammography is based on sophisticated patented algorithms that analyze the data, automatically identifying and marking suspicious regions in 2D mammography images. The solution provides the radiologist with a “second look” which helps the radiologist detect actionable missed cancers earlier than screening mammography alone. 

SecondLook detects and identifies suspicious masses and micro-calcifications utilizing image processing, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence techniques. Information from thousands of mammography images are incorporated into these algorithms enabling the product to distinguish between characteristics of cancerous and normal tissue.

“The conventional double-reading workflow utilized by most countries, where mammograms are assessed by two separate radiologists, has become increasingly challenging due to the scarcity of radiologists worldwide. As the global radiologist shortage continues to impact patient care, healthcare organizations are seeking clinically-proven solutions to help their radiology departments run more efficiently and adeptly handle the workload in front of them. By leveraging the remarkable capabilities of ProFound Detection, iCAD seeks to provide a viable alternative to the current double-reading workflow,” said Dana Brown, President and CEO of iCAD, Inc.

“Combining Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology with our leading-edge ProFound Breast Health Suite of AI solutions will enhance our technology and expand access to the technology to millions of women and providers worldwide,” added Ms. Brown. “Furthermore, Google has already been exploring the use of its technology as an independent reader, with extremely promising results.

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