How to Prevent and Manage Burnout Among Nursing Students: Strategies for Sustainable Well-being

How to Prevent and Manage Burnout Among Nursing Students: Strategies for Sustainable Well-being

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One of the most challenging aspects among nurses is the presence of burnout and the lack of proper stress management. If one aims for a sustainable life, it is necessary to understand that it is a complex of measures where a single solution won’t work. While a nurse may be dealing with extreme pressure at the ER department or coping with the recent loss of a patient, one should see that each burnout case is different and should be approached on an individual basis. Luckily, there are several ways to prevent and manage nursing burnout, as one can learn below.

Strategies for Sustainable Preventing and Managing Nursing Burnout

  • Identifying The Source of Stress.

The most important task is also the most challenging as you have to identify the source of your burnout. The majority of nursing personnel will be able to tell what has happened or what factors have contributed to the mental and physical state. One of the ways to identify the problem is to use reflective writing. Likewise, one may hire personal statement helper as one of the possible options when you wish to talk to your hospital management or an educational advisor.

An essential part is to draw the line between your personal life and the workflow duties. It does take time, but it works in the end! When you are getting emotionally attached to a patient, you must find the right balance between empathy and your social skills by placing strict signs and limitations. When you separate your daily life from work duties, you can work in both directions and build an emotional block.

  • Seeking Professional Help.

When you are feeling depressed and anxious, it may pass the next day or in a few days. Now, if it does not pass and you feel that your emotional state and burnout affect your professional duties, you must seek professional help. You may talk to a psychologist or just take a break from work to recover. In a certain case, you may be recommended to set a different diet and do certain physical training, swimming pool, massages, or just taking walks in the park.

  • The Art of Self-Care and Meditation.

If you wish to find something that will not require funds and someone you should ask for help, consider self-care by focusing on things that you like to stay fit. Start with meditation by using spiritual, muscle relaxation, or transcendental methods, depending on what works best way for you.

  • Finding Creative Outlets.

Think about learning a musical instrument, listening to music, joining dancing classes, or even starting to write a story. The trick is to switch your brain to something totally different! No matter what you choose, it will work well as long as you keep it creative and find a safe haven.

The Works of Nursing Theorists

Another interesting way to manage and prevent burnout is by reading the works of nursing theorists. One of the main solutions to explore is to use Maslach’s theory. It is based on the management of emotional exhaustion, the power of personality, and the focus on personal accomplishments. As this theory starts with all of these elements in a negative point, one should seek case studies based on Maslach’s theory to see the possible predictors and consequences. Likewise, you may explore Rogers’ Theory of Unitary Human Beings as you see diverse co-existence methods. As you start with the theoretical reading and analysis of the case studies, you will boost your analytical and reflective skills.

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