How Does Your Mental Health Affect Your Quality of Life and Longevity?

How Does Your Mental Health Affect Your Quality of Life and Longevity?
How Does Your Mental Health Affect Your Quality of Life and Longevity?

Mental health comes first surpassing everything else which comes later. Have you been neglecting your emotions? Have you been ignoring the signs of poor mental health? If yes, there is a problem.

Your mental health is an important aspect of your overall health. It affects your physical health and emotional well-being. A happier and more peaceful person lives longer too. When you join the top holistic healing centers, they aim to help you escape the dark pit. It’s a short life, and living with depression can be lethal.

Everyone deals with stress and negative emotions, but some people can handle these stressors without letting them affect their lives. But what about those people who can’t deal with small issues and overthink too much? Your mental health has a direct impact on your life, and it will also affect your longevity. How? Let’s find out through this post.

Does Depression and Anxiety Affect Your Quality of Life?

Yes, it does. Depression and anxiety mean constantly overthinking about the future, getting suicidal thoughts, worrying too much about a situation, and drowning in sadness. When you overthink about something, you do not make the situation better. Maybe something bad isn’t happening, and you are overthinking a trivial matter.

Depression is also dangerous. It swallows all your happy emotions and makes you want to lock yourself in a room. When a person is depressed or anxious, they avoid social situations. They distance themselves from their loved ones.

At times, patients with depression will harm themselves with different objects. They spend most of their time thinking or feeling gloomy. It affects their relationships, work life and education. A patient with depression will have no interest in their surroundings. Isn’t that called missing out on life?

Depression can end your happiness, making you worry and sad about everything around you. Some patients with depression start hallucinating and turn to drugs and alcohol too. An intoxicated person cannot make sense of the world. So, yes, depression and anxiety affect your quality of life. And there are treatments to cure depression. But weekend talk therapies aren’t enough – you need residential mental health treatment.

Do Happy People Live Longer?

It’s a tricky question because people who care for their bodies tend to live longer. But then again, depression and anxiety can decrease your lifespan. Why is that so? Let’s give you a quick example here.

There is a woman named Martha, the overthinker in the relationship. Little situations can trigger her mood, and she tends to get panic attacks. When a person overthinks or gets anxious, it affects their blood pressure too. An overthinker is also exposed to heart attacks and other health concerns.

Since Martha is constantly overthinking and depressed in general, she gets sick all the time. Your mental health affects your body too.

Martha is a depressed patient, and she has turned to alcohol. She is an alcoholic, which has further damaged her internal organs. Would she survive? We don’t know! So, her husband sends her to a retreat for residential mental health and alcohol addiction treatment.

Martha does not need a weekly support group or friends to guide her. She needs therapy! It is fairly common. Martha will get the necessary treatment and come back with a fresh perspective.

Stress and depression can cause cardiovascular diseases, depression, diabetes, etc. So, Martha needs optimism and the right treatment.

Do you know that in some parts of the world, tribals live longer and happier lives? They are not in touch with technology or anything materialistic. They do all the tasks manually, and there is so much peace where they reside. Maybe you need a change of environment too. Maybe you need to break free from the monotonous and competitive world and enter a slow-paced and peaceful space. A retreat can give you a good break!

Optimism Is Everything, But Not Everyone Can See The Bright Side

It’s not easy for everyone to see the positive side of everything. People tell you to see the silver lining in a situation, but that’s impossible for a depressed patient. Don’t you think they are trying hard already? Maybe it is hard for them because we are not in their shoes. Nobody wants to live a depressing and sad life.

Optimism is the ability to see the positive in every situation, but not everyone can do it.

If you cannot see the positive in anything, it is time to opt for therapy and get treatment for your mental health concern. A holistic retreat can bring peace, happiness, and the much needed recovery.

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