Holon Solutions, HealtHIE Nevada Partner to Improve Information Sharing in Nevada –

Holon Solutions, HealtHIE Nevada Partner to Improve Information Sharing in Nevada –
Holon Solutions, HealtHIE Nevada Partner to Improve Information Sharing in Nevada –

What You Should Know:

  • Holon Solutions, the leading human-centric healthcare technology company, and HealtHIE Nevada, the nonprofit health information exchange (HIE) that provides electronic connection among Nevada physicians, hospitals, labs and other health care organizations, today announced a collaboration to radically improve open information sharing across the healthcare sector. 
  • This initiative will enable care teams to improve care coordination and quality, while providing them with operations and administrative relief – all leading to better patient outcomes.

Enabling Improved Dissemination of Healthcare Information

As healthcare professionals face ongoing challenges stemming from an excess of complex systems and outdated tools that compartmentalize patient information, both organizations are committed to dismantling these barriers. Their shared goal is to facilitate the seamless flow of vital healthcare data throughout the medical community. By making data accessible to all and ensuring that care teams have timely access to pertinent information, healthcare workers can alleviate the administrative burdens that frequently accompany their roles. This initiative is particularly timely, as a recent report by Holon revealed that 77% of healthcare workers experienced burnout this year, with administrative tasks ranking as their primary source of stress.

To address this industry crisis, the new collaboration will offer healthcare teams: 

  1. Easier care coordination: Holon and HealtHIE Nevada’s technology assists in the exchange of health information among disparate healthcare providers. This exchange enables better coordination of care, particularly for patients with complex conditions that require multiple providers.
  2. Real-time access to patient data: This capability is critical during emergencies when quick access to a patient’s medical history can potentially save a life.
  3. Prevention of healthcare disparities: Healthcare providers can help mitigate healthcare disparities by ensuring that the right patient information is available at the right time to all healthcare providers, irrespective of their location or affiliation.
  4. Population health management: Through the aggregation and analysis of health data from a large population, this partnership will support public health officials in promoting health screenings and updating disease registries for better population health and disease prevention. 
  5. Reduction in visits and readmissions: HIE networks have been associated with a 50% reduction in rates of hospital readmission, 26% reduction in Emergency Department admissions, 35% reduction in repeat imaging procedures, and 10% lower 30-day readmission rates among Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries. This leads to better patient outcomes, improved quality of life and reduced healthcare staff burnout. 
  6. Significant cost savings: Nevada could save over $153M each year in health care costs when the HealtHIE Nevada network is fully utilized. This not only offers significant health benefits but also promises substantial economic savings for the state and patients alike. 

“Holon was a natural partner to move the needle for making healthcare data more actionable,” said Michael Gagnon, Executive Director of HealtHIE Nevada. “Improving data integration will help healthcare workers derive the highest value out of their EHR systems, which makes their job easier and allows them to deliver the highest quality care for their patients. We’ve only scratched the surface of healthcare data sharing, and we’re thrilled to continue doing this work with Holon.” 

By facilitating secure and efficient health information exchange, HealtHIE Nevada and Holon are helping pave the way for a truly integrated and cost-effective healthcare ecosystem. This will empower healthcare workers to have the information they need from anywhere, right at their fingertips, so they can continue to deliver the best possible care for others. 

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