Google Cloud Launches Healthcare Focused Generative AI Models

Google Cloud Launches Healthcare Focused Generative AI Models
Google Cloud Launches Healthcare Focused Generative AI Models

What You Should Know:

– Google Cloud unveils MedLM, a family of generative AI models specifically designed for medical applications.

– Building on the success of Med-PaLM, Google’s latest offering promises to revolutionize medical documentation, drug research, and patient care experiences.

MedLM Background

Built on the foundation of Med-PaLM 2, MedLM offers two model sizes: a larger one for complex tasks and a smaller one for scaling across various applications. MedLM is trained on healthcare data and fine-tuned for specific use cases, such as answering medical questions, drafting summaries, and even pre-clinical research. It’s currently available in Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform for allowlisted customers in the United States, with a preview available in other markets.

MedLM Integration Partners

HCA Healthcare and Augmedix: Augmedix, in collaboration with HCA Healthcare, pilots a solution using an Augmedix app powered by MedLM to create accurate and timely medical notes from clinician-patient conversations. The technology aims to increase automated performance, improve summarization, and enhance overall patient care.

BenchSci: Integrating MedLM into the ASCEND platform to expedite drug development and improve the speed and quality of pre-clinical research and development. The platform utilizes AI to produce a knowledge graph of over 100 million experiments, aiding scientific discovery.

Accenture: Collaborating to improve patient access, experience, and outcomes. Accenture’s Solutions.AI for Processing for Health interprets structured and unstructured data to automate manual healthcare processes. This includes reading clinical documents, claims processing, and more, leading to faster, informed decisions by clinicians and better patient outcomes.

Deloitte: Partnering with Google Cloud to explore how MedLM can improve the member experience and reduce friction in finding care through an interactive chatbot. The aim is to help health plan members understand provider options covered by their insurance plans.

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