GE Healthcare Awarded FDA Clearance for Pneumothorax Detection Algorithm

GE Healthcare Awarded FDA Clearance for Pneumothorax Detection Algorithm
GE Healthcare Awarded FDA Clearance for Pneumothorax Detection Algorithm

What You Should Know:

GE Healthcare (Nasdaq: GEHC) announced the US FDA 510K clearance of Critical Care Suite 2.1, featuring an innovative pneumothorax (PTX) detection algorithm that helps clinicians quickly and accurately identify and localize PTX, a potentially life-threatening condition.

– This industry-first technology represents a significant advancement in X-ray imaging, providing clinicians with real-time insights to expedite patient care and improve outcomes.

Early Detection Saves Lives

Pneumothorax, or a collapsed lung, is a serious condition that can occur suddenly and without warning. Early detection and treatment are critical to prevent complications and improve patient outcomes. However, traditional methods of PTX detection can be time-consuming and prone to human error.

Critical Care Suite 2.1: A Powerful Tool for Clinicians

GE Healthcare’s Critical Care Suite 2.1 is a game-changer for PTX detection. The new PTX algorithm utilizes on-device artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze chest X-ray images and provide immediate notification of the presence or absence of PTX. The algorithm also overlays the detected PTX on the X-ray image, helping clinicians quickly localize the condition.

Clinical Evidence Supports Efficacy

Clinical studies have shown that Critical Care Suite 2.1 can significantly improve PTX detection and triage. The algorithm has been shown to:

– Reduce reporting times for clinical actionable PTXs by 57%

– Increase clinician detection of small PTXs by 17.7%

– Partially localize 100% of all detected large PTXs and 96% of all detected small PTXs

A Paradigm Shift in Patient Care

“Artificial intelligence applications in healthcare continue to prove their value in clinical practice and on the frontlines of patient care,” shares Jyoti Gupta PhD, President & CEO of Women’s Health and X-ray for GE HealthCare. “The adoption of these digital solutions helps unlock efficiencies across the entire clinical workflow and empowers radiologists and their teams in making critical decisions with confidence in time-sensitive situations. We are excited by the paradigm shift this kind of innovation can bring in the delivery of timely and efficient patient care enabling enhanced clinical outcomes when it matters most.”

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